Afghan Women's Network

Afghan Women's Network

Arezoo Qanih

Arezoo Qanih is an effective and dedicated civil society, human rights activist. She has started her work with supporting her mother in running of a vocational training center in very early age during Taliban regime where women were bound it their houses. It was her first steps toward supporting and enabling women to improve their own lives though income generation and making their environment peaceful in their homes.


Later in 2004 she heralded area of increasing focus on Peace building, advocacy and capacity building alongside Afghan women through taking a role in ECW (Empowerment Center for Women) that brought her in close contract with Afghan civil society organizations and women activists to bring peace, capacity and positive changes and sustainability in the life of Afghans focusing on women.


Arezoo Qanih later become the Program Manager of ECW, and through this positions she more focused for positive changes of life of Afghan women through designing programs on awareness, capacity building, advocacy, education, Peace building and vocational changes for the women at both urban and rural areas and also she realized that these change is gradual and will take time, patience and time.