Afghan Women's Network

Afghan Women's Network

Hasina Safi

Hasina Safi possesses over 20 years of experience in women development particularly education (formal and non-formal), income-generation and advocacy. Her passion for supporting women is what made her choose teaching as her first profession at the age of fifteen. Since then she has had different positions working for the support and empowerment of women. Throughout her life she has never missed a chance to benefit from an opportunity that could help her in achieving her goals which is support to the women even a very small contribution.

Year 2005 marks the start of her extraordinary professional life. With an outstanding velocity, starting from the membership of women rights movement she continued all the way and secured the seat of Executive director of Afghan Women Education Center (AWEC).  Despite this, she has been member of Afghan Women’s Network (AWEN) executive board. She has been representing civil society and Afghan women in national, regional and international conferences in order to advocate for their rights. She had been an active member of Peace consultation Jirga and Traditional Jirga.

She is a great supporter of education; she believes education is the key solution towards the sustainability of a nation. Her journey towards success never lacked challenges – not something to doubt about an Afghan woman’s life. Despite, all the challenges, today she is not only successful in her professional life but also she is a caring mother to three children as well as a supportive and understanding wife.

Her values are strong faith on Allah, commitment, mutual respect, dignity, hard work, honesty, and loyalty. She believes on women power & strength at any stage of their life.