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Homa Alizoi

Homa Alizoi An Afghan Judge


Homa Alizoi was born in 1343 in a bright-minded family. She passed primary school in Jamal Mina primary school. In 1359 she graduated from Rabia Balkhi high school. Afterwards, Homa continued her higher education and went to law school in Kabul University. In 1365 she graduated from faculty of law and political science.

Soon after she graduated from faculty of law and political science, as an initial practice she start working with Afghan High Court.

From 1366 through 1369 she served different positions, she worked as reporter judge in Public Court and Business Court, she also served as manager in directrate of accuracy and studies in the High Court. During these years she had always fought for gender equality at every level of soceity.

Within the years Taliban were ruling Afghanistan, as many other Afghan women, Mrs Homa was imprisoned within house walls. But soon after collapse of Taliban Regim, she got back to judiciary and start working in Kabul Public Court. From 1383 through 1385 she was serving as head of Family Court.  In 1385 she got membership of Kabul Public Court. And from 1386 onwards she has been serving as head of children primary court and has been involved in children-related cases.

Homa Alizoi has always defended childrens’ rights.

Courses and Seminars

Homa Alizoi has participated in many significant courses and seminars in recent years. In 1382 she participated in a one-year judiciary course and could achieve advisor tittle.

Homa Alizoi has also participated in some other judiciary courses and has got a certificate as judicial trainer.

Official Trips

Homa Alizoi has travelled to different foreign countries in order to participate in international seminars. She has visited Turkey, USA, Italy, Egypt, Nepal, Philipine, Netherlands, Iran, India, and Pakistan. During these visits she has tried to catch foreigers’ attention on Afghan women.

Legistative Activities

Mostly, Homa has been busy to assure women rights and children rights and she has also been involved in law-making activities. Homa has been a good co-worker for Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission. In 2004 she was an active member for Constitution Drafting Commission and she suggested some useful amendments. Most of the suggestions made by Homa in favor of womens’ fundamental rights were accepted.

Homa also played a major jule in launching of wedding document process, because she had realized that lack of wedding document could cause many problems for poor afghan women.



Mrs Homa Alizoi understands that women in Afghanistan are victims of unpleasant customs, thus, she got membership of a committee which was mandated to draft Elimination of Violence against Women Law and offered efficient suggestions. Afterwards, she participated in different forums and defended the amendments which were made by civil society.


Membership in Organizations

Despide remarkable achievements in the field of law-making activities, Homa has also got membership of many national and international organizations. She has also got membership of Afghan Women Network board.

In honor of her long-term service in the field of wemen rights, she had also received two certificates of appreciation, dedicated by minister of women affairs.

Mrs Homa Alizoi has got an effective commond in different languages, such as Persian, Pashtu, English and Urdu.

Homa says that her great responsibility is to stand her ground-- beside other civil society activists and defend womens’ rights.