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Najla Ayoubi

Najla Ayoubi Intellectual and a Pioneer Girl was born in 1346  in a bright-minded family in Charikar city, Parwan province. She graduated from Hira Jalali high school in 1362 and after passing the university entry exam, she got into Faculty of law and political science, Kabul University. In this period she got an education scholarship to Russia. In the meantime at night shift she continued studying in the fields of journalism, philosophy and tailoring skills. She got her master degree in 1368 and turned back her country with to more diplomas on in journalism and the next in philosophy.

Social activities

After completion of her higher education, for the first time in history of provincial judiciary she started working in Parwan province appeal court. And in very short period of time she learnt administrative procedures and became familiar to administrative and judicial process. She met the chance to join a very important judiciary course and she successfully complete it.

Soon after Mujahedin captured Kabul, Najla started working as a professional judge and served as head of criminal court Parwan province. Since on that time presence of a woman in judicial system traditionally wasn't acceptable, she faced with lots of challenges and problems, but Najla never got scared and she continued her patt. When Taliban captured Kabul, Najla stayed home like other Afghan women, but she didn’t lose hope. During those years while Taliban were ruling Kabul she used her tailoring skills and solved her family’s economic problems.

After collapse of Taliban's regime once again Najla returned to judiciary and started serving as an advocate in Afghan General attorney office.

Withing recent years Najla served different posts in different entities including United Nations. In recent years she served as Gender Advisor, Legal Advisor, Spokesperson in different UN agencies.. Najla Ayoubi has always been as a committed individual, and in all her activities, the betterment of her country and betterment of Afghan women situation have been in top of her thoughts..

From 2005 to 2006 Najla served as a commissioner in Independent Election Commission.

In 2006, she went to Britain to continue studying in the field of Law, and she got her master degree in 2007 from York University of Britain.

Najla has been encharge of Law Programs, human rights in Asia Foundation. Within recent years she did a lot more services for Afghan women and has always tried to defend the rights of women. He has been able to provide work opportunities for women.

Trips and conferences

Najla Ayoubi is known as a human right activist woman and she has attended in nomerous legal meetings. she's participated int the national and international conferences and she has utilized any opportunity for the benefit of her people particularly women. During recent years, she has also traveled to different countries such as  Japan, Bangladesh, America, Britain, Lebanon, Emirates, Turkey, Canada, Jurdan, Qatar, and Angary.

Writings and Achievements 

Najla Ayoubi has written and published many articles about the politics in Afghanistan and the situation of Women in this war-hit country. She's also recieved three medals from president Karazai. She's got a good command in  Persian, English and Russian languages.