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Silai Ghafar

Silai Ghafar a Talented Activist was born in 1362 in an educated family in Farah province. She had only two months that due to insecurity her family crossed the border to the neighboring north-west, Pakistan. In 1367 she enrolled in primary school and in1378 she graduated from high school. Based on her interest and high scores she met the chance to continue her higher education in medical. Afterwards, she was transferred to economics. In 2007 she got a diploma from faculty of finance and management. In 2008 she got her master degree in Business Law.

Social Activities

Silai Ghafar served a long-term immigration period outside her homeland, but she was grown up patriotically and desired to serve her people, especially Afghan women. During school years, Silai was voluntarily teaching literacy courses in refugees’ camps in north-west Pakistan. And she also established committees for women and children in camps. The goal behind establishing these committees were to resolve refugees’ problems. These committees could attract aids from different national and international organizations, and could establish schools and clinics for refugees.

In 2002 Silai officially started working in international organizations, aiming to serve her people through international humanitarian entities. And she tried to use any opportunity for the betterment of Afghan women; Silai played a major role in providing learning opportunities for women and children in different refugees’ camps in Pakistan. She founded several primary and secondary schools and health care clinics for Afghan refugees.

Silai Ghafar believes that poverty and illitracy are the main causes of family violence, and she has steadily struggled to eliminate these two phenomenas. Through awareness programs she persuades Afghan families in remote areas of the country to let their daughters go to school. Moreover, she has done a great job in providing working opportunities for Afghan women and girls.

Besides official efforts, Silai has also made remarkable efforts, personnely, assisting Afghan women in different feilds. Particularly, she has done alot in marketing for Afghan women handicrafts. 

 From immigration years in Pakistan till now Silai Ghafar had coordinations with domestic organizations particularly HACA a charity entity for Afghan children and women. She has made big contribution to this body, focusing in employee’s capacity builing, and attracting financial support for the organization. From 1999 till now HACA has been involved in serving Afghan women and children inside and ouside the country. During Taliban regime this organization did a great job, paving the way for deprived women and girls to educate.

In 2006 Silai started working as program director in HACA. During her work period Silai could expose her talent and managerial capabilities and in 2007 she became the president of HACA.

As a women right activist Silai has done great job, and she has never accepted less than what she has aimed for. Within recent years she has been able to launch various projects, eliminating violence and discrimination against women and she has also done a lot in strengthening women economy. 

Conferences and Trips 

Since Silai has played an active role in advocating for human rights, particularly for women rights and children, she has become a well-known human rights activist. Thus, she has participated in several national and international conferences. She took part in London conference and some other regional and international conferences. She has also travelled to America, Italy and several other countries.

Silai has always tried to attract attention of international community on Afghan women condition and has always called on international organizations to assist Afghan women.

Membership in entities and organizations

As a human rights activist Silai Ghafar could achieve membership of different bodies involved in human rights issues. She has got the membership of Afghan Women Network executive board, and Civil Society and Human Rights Network executive board. Silai is also member of Elimination of Violence against Women Committee, South Asian Advocacy Committee for Women, and she has also got membership of South Asian Women Rights Watch executive board. 

Silai Ghafar believes that women can play a major role in development and reconstruction and she says to ensure women rights, it is essential to establish a real and sustainable democracy in the country. 

Currently, Silai Ghafar works as Director of HACA, and says that usually in her free time she studies books and listens to the Afghanistan related news.