Afghan Women's Network

Afghan Women's Network

Nooria Safi

Nooria Safi, was born in 1972 in Kunduz Afghanistan and graduated from Gharjistan University based in Kabul Afghanistan.

She has started Working since 1993 at Emuhatul Momeenen in Peshawer Pakistan. After that she was working with the Department of Literacy in Kunduz at Depart of education as a Supervisor 1996- 1997, than she has experience with Amran organization as Supervisor, WUR as a DM & E Officer, DDR as a Supervisor, Director of 7 center of Recitation of Holly Quran in Kabul and WUR as a Supervisor. Right Now she is the Director of Women’s Capacity Building and Development Organization and Responsible of Education Committee in Afghan Women’s Network.

She  have other Activities like being Board member of AWEC Gender Committee.