Afghan Women's Network

Afghan Women's Network

Gul Maky Siawash ( Director of Kabul Orthopedic Organization)

Gul Maky Siawash is a women's rights activist, and was born in a bright family in 1954. She holds a bachelor's degree in chemistry and biology from Kabul’s Pedagogy institute.

Currently, she works as a Director of Kabul Orthopedic Organization. Before that, Ms. Siawash worked as a teacher and teachers’ representative at Amani High School, teacher of psychology at Sultan Razia High School, and as an observer at Kabul Orthopedic Organisation (KOO).

Additionally, Ms. Siawash attended number of national and international training programs and workshops on legal, social, political and administrative topics; and had official trips to foreign countries; such as, United States of America, Khazakhistan, Germany, Netherlands, Thailand, India, Columbia, Bangladesh, Tajikistan Dubai, Turkey, and New Zealand.