Afghan Women's Network

Afghan Women's Network

Based on the plan at the end of AWN (Advocacy and Networking) Workshop, a meeting on date 11,04,2017 is held with H.E Rola Ghani the country first lady in presidential palace. In the meeting despite of the country first lady and her Advisers, number of the Afghan Women’s Network Board’s members and AWN provincial staff with provincial Advisory board were participated 
 Meeting is started with reciting of few verse from holy Quran and welcoming and presenting thanks to the country first lady for her time dedication in this meeting, then Ms. Roshan Mashal the Afghan Women’s Network Networking Department Manager introduced the meeting’s participants, in follow Ms. Hasina Safi the Afghan Women’s Network Executive Director present the meeting goal and agenda. Later on the country first lady did thanks from the Afghan Women’s Network these creativities and that to facilitate a gathering with women from different tribes and different parts of the county with different agendas, she called this as a symbol of Unity.
 In this meeting women from 7 zone were coming and shared their recommendations with the country first lady through their representative. Ms.Marya Akrami the Afghan Women’s Network board’s member mentioned from the AWN important programs and also did thanks from the country first lady that she had always attention to women affairs and she promised on behalf of AWN for sustainable advocacy on mitigation of the Afghan Women’s problem. 
 At the end H.E the country first lady promised for continues support of women and reminded that base on resources, the problem will prioritized and should get to its solutions , the meeting is ended with group photo and participants stratification .