Afghan Women's Network

Afghan Women's Network

The 2nd part of the Pace Symposium’s orientation workshop is started with speeches of penal members as each one Ms.Habiba Surabi the deputy chairpersons of the Afghan High Peace Council (HPC), Ms.Shafiqa Habibi AWN board Member and Director of the Afghan Women Journalist Association and NAWA office, Ms.Shala Farid AWN Board’s Member and Professor in University, Ms, Zarqa Yaftali the Afghan Women’s network Board’s Member and head of the Women and children research and rights organization ,Ms. Samira Hamidi Chairperson for the Afghan Women’s Network Board of Directorate and head of the Education and leadership organization with facilitation of Ms. Roshan Mashal the Afghan Women’s Network Networking Department head. 

 Ms.Sorabi talked about social peace and the importance of women participation in the peace process
Ms. Farid, had presentation about women, peace and security 
 Ms. Yaftali had presentation about the importance of women participation in the peace process 
 Ms. Habibi presents Afghan Women’s Network recommendations about Women and youth’s involvement in the peace process 
 And finally the program is ended with approval of the participants from the AWN recommendation