Afghan Women's Network

Afghan Women's Network

Afghan Women’s Network Press Release in relation to the recent incidents in Kabul City-  Issue No. 53  -05. June. 2017

Kabul – Afghanistan

A large number of Afghan citizens and residents of Kabul are badly affected and are mourning for the recent bloodshed in Kabul city. Afghan Women’s Network seriously condemns these terrorist attacks. May the soul of martyrs rest in peace; we share of deep condolences and patience to the victims’ families and the entire nation in Afghanistan and wish urgent recovery for injured victims.

Dear people!
Over years of sacrifice, today Afghans have been able to overcome massive challenges and progress by practicing fresh democracy, state building, good governance and ensure a fair rule of law and reforms in the country; but the recent incident brought the country to the crisis where it gives fortune for the enemies of peace, stability and opportunists to use the existing crisis for their own benefit.
Advocacy for reforms and justice is the right of every Afghan, but not with the price of blood of educated people and assets. The recent incidents have caused instability. Our experiences from the past show the continuation of such situation will affect public order as well as affect residents of Kabul emotionally and mentally. The ongoing situation in Kabul has it is negative economy and civil downturn, the roads blockages has turned to barriers in different aspect for citizens’ lives which can result in further disorder, discrimination, and fragmentation of societal relations. We have serious concerns about recent threats particularly to the Emergency hospital for victims of war; which can cause disruption of services, protection of injured, and threatens the safety of national and international staffs in this horrible situation.

We women demand the followings from the government:
1. Have a clear and sufficient responses for the recent incidents;
2. The government is obligated to ensure the security and safety of healthcare areas, educational institutions, and public roads;
3. Obtaining all necessary measures to prevent the occurrence of incidents that endanger the security and safety of citizens;
4. Punishment and immediate action against those who have been neglected in their responsibilities
5. Ensure safe spaces are provided for demonstrations in accordance with the law;

From protestors:
1. Relocate the tent for securing public orders, preventing further chaos, and damage of citizens;
2. Serious consideration on the humanity services of hospitals as Emergency hospital for victims of war and more;
3. Maintain of national unity, promote of culture of acceptance, and avoid hate speech which can further increase tensions between citizens;
4. Prevent violence acts and inclusion of children and youth in demonstrations.

From International Community:
1. The international community must continue to support Afghanistan in the current sensitive situation;
2. Put political and diplomatic pressure on the government of Afghanistan to urgently bring reforms in various sectors especially security sector.