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Shahla Farid

Shahla Farid was born in Faryab Province in an intellectual family. She finished her primary education in this province and then After the father's employment in government departments were forced to relocate to Sheberghan provinces, as a result, she completed her middle and high school education from Khadija Joziani high school.

After 12 years of education she went to university entrance exam and obtain the highest score and got success in the law and political science. She was third-year student when got married and after one year had a child. She got the Kader and was able to teach but due some security problem they migrated. She has 17 years of teaching experience in various school of Kabul in her own field

In 1381 she become lecturer at Kabul University. She is currently a professor at Kabul University's Faculty of Law and Political Science.

From the writings of Ms. Shahla Farid can be cited as follows:

 • Human rights of women

 • Women's political rights

 • Gender and Rights

 • Violence against women

 • Feminism

 • precedent

 • scientific articles and scientific works (published in the Journal of Law)