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Press release

Series Number: 6 4

Date: 25 Dalwa 1396 – 14 Feb 2018 Kabul – Afghanistan

Solidarity, resistagnce and unity are the elements which ensure continuity and sustainability for purposeful stand on women empowerment, inclusiveness of all programs and initiatives based on gender equality and prevention of violence against women. When consolidated and better coordination is reached among the organizations which work and function to support and defend women’s rights, we will witness remarkable decrease on violence against women within families, educational  places… [--]read more

Afghan Women's Network and Human Rights Defenders

Issue No: 64

Kabul Afghanistan


The Recent terrorist attacks, Particularly the attack on Intercontinental Hotel, indicates that country civilians are not secured and protected. This attack, which was carried out ruthlessly like other attacks, is in contravention of all human rights standards.


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Date: 05 December 2017,

No: 62


Despite the government commitments for women’s political participation, we observe that the realization of these commitments is facing severe obstacles. This results in weakening of women’s inclusion in leadership and decision making of the government structures.

We express our deep concerns about failure of parliament in giving… [--]read more




Afghanistan’s Women Network, AWN

Kabul, November 2017

Youths make over 60% of Afghanistan population and they are a driving force in social, economic and political fields that have effective role in maintaining of peace and security. In a country where youth makes over 60% of its population, excluding them from peace and security… [--]read more

(Unite and work together against discrimination, violence and harassment of women)


The Afghan Women’s Network actively taking part in the 16 days global campaign starts from November 25th (International Day of prevention of violence against women) to 10th December (Global Day of Human Rights) on annual basis; and holds and plan continual advocacy meetings, and media programs for prevention of violence against women. This… [--]read more

serial # 59

Kabul- Afghanistan

Reiterating Voices from Afghan Women

1. About Afghan Women’s Network  Afghan Women's Network has over 3500 individual members and 140 women's organizations in its membership. Afghan Women's Network has active and considerable presence in Kabul, Herat, Balkh, Kandahar, Bamyan, Paktia, Nangarhar and Kunduz, and is also active through its member in other provinces of Afghanistan. Afghan Women's Network works as the umbrella for its member organizations.

… [--]read more

Youth’s Role as Peace Builders

serial # 56

Kabul- Afghanistan

Youth play a crucial and dynamic role in a society. The development of a country depends on the understanding and commitment of its youth. The role of a nation’s youth must be recognized as substantive, and they must be recognized as the builders of its future. Young Afghans need to take on active roles within the high peace council, which is the supplementary peace institution in Afghanistan. They must execute a visible and active… [--]read more

We demand the Government’s support of Women Leaders!

We women in non-government and governmental organizations struggle for the betterment of situation in the country on everyday bases. We urge National Unity Government’s firm action in support of women in leading roles and services in or outside the country.

We like to express our appreciation of the efforts of His Excellency President Ashraf Ghani and Excellency Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah for their recognition… [--]read more

serial # 54 Kabul-Afghanistan

Afghan Women are following a longer journey of struggle in this country. While we appreciate the government of Afghanistan for not only trusting women for higher position in cabinet but appointing women in foreign services as ambassadors, councilor and high rank diplomats. We urge government to support these women for the reform process they are pursuing in their office for greater transparency, flourishing relation with both host and local community in foreign countries. These women need supportive… [--]read more

Issue No. 53

Kabul – Afghanistan

A large number of Afghan citizens and residents of Kabul are badly affected and are mourning for the recent bloodshed in Kabul city. Afghan Women’s Network seriously condemns these terrorist attacks. May the soul of martyrs rest in peace; we share of deep condolences and patience to the victims’ families and the entire nation in Afghanistan and wish urgent recovery for injured victims.

Dear people! [--]read more

 Progress Indicator: Sustainable Empowerment of the Afghan Women in Development and Peace

 Afghan Women’s Network with continuation of its Advocacy… [--]read more

Solidarity against Exploitation of Women!

Date: 13 Feb 2017 S/N: 48 Kabul- Afghanistan

One billing rising on elimination of violence against women is a day which is the result of hard working, struggle and all intension to stop any types of violence against women. This day is considered as the very important day for defending women’s rights who constitute the half of the world population.

The Afghan Women’s Network in coordination with… [--]read more

On 10 December 1984 the united Nation General Assembly indorsed the International Human rights declaration. The purpose of this declaration and naming of the day on the Name of Human Rights Day is to ensure Human Rights and equal Freedom and emphasize on basic civil, cultural, economic, political and social right s for all citizen

Afghanistan is one those countries has adopted  the universal Human Rights declaration and is obliged to respect all legislation and national Human rights programs of all citizen  comply with this… [--]read more

Violence against Women - Violence against Humanity – Let’s end it

Qaws (1395), equivalent to 24 November 2016

In order to fight and eliminate violence and discrimination against women, providing equal rights and women’s access to their basic rights within the national policies and regulations of Afghanistan, such as the constitution, The Violence Against Women Act, regulation that prohibits harassment of women and children, the National Action Plan for the Women of Afghanistan (NAPWA),… [--]read more

Issue No (39)

Kabul Afghanistan

The recent violence against women including murder of 3 ladies in Herat province due to ethnical divisions, sexual violence on 5th years old girl, and seriously beating of 14 years old girl at Doshi Distric of Baghlan Provinces, these all undermining at risks the Afghan Women social and legal protection in Afghanistan, and they are disappointed for the social welfare and comfort live .  Unfortunately, the fate and lives of women and girls in… [--]read more

Issue No (38)

Date: 15 Nov, 2016


With regret we have informed through the media that a 5-years old girl was raped in Central Baghlan District.

The description of this case is; that the older girl of the family who was engaged has escaped home with a man, after informing the girl’s father in Law family, number of people come and raid on the girl’s home. They took with self the girl 5- years old… [--]read more

 Advocacy Committee’’ Civil Voice for Peace’’

 Supporters: AWN, SDO, AWEVSO, AWSDC, RBO, THRA, WBRAO, WBCDO, WHDO, WPSO, AIPDO, MoWA, WCLRF, NAWA, and Administration Affairs of GoIRA– Cultural and Social Affairs Directorate – Women Affairs Department.

Certifiers; Participants participating in celebration of global peace days

Subject; Global Peace day’s Celebration Resolution manifesto,

 Kabul,… [--]read more

  Kabul- Afghanistan   Zahra 14 years old pregnant girl burned alive to death by her husband and father-in-law in Ghor province on 15/07/2016. she was married when was 9 years old, as restitution deal. She was beaten and stabbed by her in-laws and finally set on fire. Unfortunately due 80% to 85% of burnt and due to limited medical treatment in Ghor province, her treatment was not possible.… [--]read more

Kabul, Afghanistan 

Afghan Women’s Network appreciates the NATO Summit 2016 in Warsaw and particularly the focus on policy makers on Afghanistan. AWN welcomes the continuation of international aid to Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) until 2020. This support it extremely important and timely to strengthen the role of ANDSF.   

AWN highly appreciates the announced aid to ANDSF by Australia (100 million dollar- 80 million… [--]read more


Afghanistan[1] has been the center of discussions of global policy makers in the past 15 years. One of venues where Afghanistan’s sustainable peace and security, improvement of the security forces and allocation of more financial and technical support has been discussed is the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Summits [--]read more

Issue No: 30

Kabul, Afghanistan

The News about detention on the rout of Kunduz and brutal killing of number of them, once again brought people of the country in grief, that made clear that Afghanistan has extremely ruthless and dangerous enemy, despite of no pity for the innocent people, they are brutally killing . Afghan Women’s Network like other citizens are in deeply concerns and denounce this inhuman and evil practice.

This is not the first time that, our… [--]read more

Setayesh daughter of Sheraqaa Quraishe an Afghan refugee in Iran, who is original resident of Herat province of the Afghanistan, but her born was in Varamin, Tehran. She missed on date 02 Hamal 1395 and did not return to home while she went to buy Ice-cream. Setayesh’s family searched whole day the area of Varamin in Tehran to find their daughter, finally informed Police of Iran, but up to end of the day still could not able to find about Setayesh. on 23 of Hamal police could able to find murder body of setayesh the 6 years old girl burned by Acid in an… [--]read more

S/N: (28) Kabul, Afghanistan  As we are witness, it is one year passed from the tragic event of Martyr Farkhunda occurred, an event that brought all the Afghan people and the world shocked and in mourning. The country citizens and even most of the world raise their voice for condemning this horror event, and were waiting for justice from the authorities, especially from the judiciary sector; since this case ensures the protection of women for the future and in another hand, it made the social order. But with regret that the lack of investigation… [--]read more

S/N: (27)

Date:  14/02/2016

Kabul, Afghanistan

One Billion rising for violence against Women is a global movement; women and man stood for all forms of discrimination against women and defend all their rights. Afghan Women’s Network from its start joint with OBR and each year celebrate it widely with support of its member organizations in all over the country. This time, the decision has been taken with consultation of AWN’s members and women rights… [--]read more


Into peace and then

S/N (25) Date: 07/ 01/ 2016 Kabul, Afghanistan  Peace is impossible if we ignore half of the country’s population: According to the press release and statement of the President's deputy spokesperson, four-party peace talks between the governments of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Unites States of America, and China are due to be held on 11 January 2016, as a continuation of peace talks in July 2015. Not unexpectedly, the voice of women is absent in this significant four-party peace negotiation. Yet again the National Unity Government… [--]read more

S/No: (24) Dec 28, 2015 In Political and Social history of Afghanistan and in different period of time women was witnesses of challenges, deficiencies, and violence relevant actions. This is while Afghan women always support men shoulder by shoulder in political, social economic, cultural and legal areas, and had considerable achievements along with. Despite women were not directly involve in war groups but with that also women and men had common interests and losses in peace and war. But we, at this crucial point, in one hand as per the commitments… [--]read more

S.No: 23 Unfortunately, every day the Afghanistan news headlines made from violence against women, women have always been victims of violence and have deplorable living, And no immunity to protect the lives of women, especially women who are professional and do work.The government has also not taken any effective steps against this significant challenge, unfortunately, once again a lady named Lyza Akbari who was Afghan original - America's citizen brutally killed in the area of kart-e-Char of Kabul City, it is said that this lady… [--]read more

S/N “21” 

Kabul, Afghanistan

Afghan civil society, especially advocating organizations for women's leadership and participation has strived for many years to appoint at least one woman judge in the Supreme Court high Council. Introducing of Ms. Anisa Rasoly by the National Unity Government for membership in Supreme Court was effective steps to improve the situation of women in the judicial sector… [--]read more


Press Release

Kabul, Afghanistan No. (19) We, as Afghan civil society organizations call for a thorough investigation and fair trial of those accused of the murder of martyr Farkhunda. We have observed, the case review of Farkhunda from its early stage by judicial organs, and believe the case has passed the process without adhering to the law. This state of affairs is not acceptable to her family members, civil society activists, and the people of Afghanistan. We expected the Supreme Court to mete out justice, but even after eight months, the unfair practices of the… [--]read more

Kabul – Afghanistan

Since its known to the national and international media, a 19 years lady by the name of Rokhshana with a boy named Mohammad Gul have fled and convicted with crime of adultery by the Taliban with crowd of local residents has stoned and tragic death, and the forenamed man is whipped. This event occurred in Chakhcharan of Ghor Province, location name is Ghalmeen, which shows that Afghan woman is again victimizing of Violence emerged from Ignorance and illiteracy.  Afghan Women's Network has… [--]read more

Afghan women have suffered extensively during last three decades of war. Women have paid high price for losing family members, economic support, jobs and protection during the civil war, internal conflicts and displacements throughout the country. The recent capture of Kunduz province by Taliban, has shocked the Afghan citizens particularly women throughout the country.  We, the Afghan Women’s Network, representing 126 women led NGOs and over 3000 individual women advocates representing 34 provinces, appreciate the immediate steps by the National… [--]read more


Women ‘wage conflict nonviolently’ by pursuing democracy and human rights.  As peacekeepers and relief aid workers, women contribute to “reducing direct violence.” As mediators, trauma healing counselors, and policymakers, women work to “transform relationships” and address the roots of violence.  As educators and participants in the development process, women contribute to “building the capacity” of their communities and nations to prevent violent… [--]read more

 National Unity Government (NUG), has fair progress in the country’s security, economic growth, democracy, human rights and the rights of women since inauguration.

In the context of women’s political representation and intervention at government level, there are notable progress such as appointment of four women in the cabinet, introducing a woman for the Supreme Court high council and two women governors. It is also encouraging to observer government’s commitment in increasing and engaging women at the deputy… [--]read more

22-Saratan-1394 is equal to 13th July 2015

Kabul - Afghanistan

The Afghan Women’s Network strongly condemn the brutal rape and murder of a three years old Afghan boy named “Yonus”, who had been kidnapped a few days ago and the day before his body was found in eight district of Kabul city, and considers the police irresponsibility and job negligence in relation to the kidnap as a source of regret; meanwhile, demanding the government of national unity to pursue the perpetrators of… [--]read more

Afghan Women’s Network would like to congratulate the National Unity Government, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Women Leaders and Activists for the launch of the Afghanistan’s First National Action Plan on United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security.


The official launch of the Afghanistan NAP by the President of Afghanistan H.E. Mohammad Ashraf is an achievement that show the NUG commitment towards the importance of women, peace and security agenda.… [--]read more

Afghan civil society organizations and activists have repeatedly insisted, calling for a thorough investigation and fair trial of those accused for [--]read more

Serial No: (13)

Afghan Women's Network strongly condemns the recent events of yesterday’s suicide attack dated 1394/2/21 on prosecution officials vehicle in Kabul which caused a large number of death and injuries of people, especially the active women attorneys, and we demand the heads of national unity government to take the serious position before the mentioned issues and it’s perpetrators.

We believe that serious performance of the security forces and people’s collaboration… [--]read more

Kabul Afghanistan

Afghan civil society activists and organizations; as we have repeatedly insisted, calling for a thorough investigation and fair trial of accused of Farkhunda’s murder. Although self-court is a source of hope for the Afghan people, but in the way of holding court meetings, unfortunately we have witnessed the concerning issues; and lack of urgent addressing of the issues; will harm the transparency and justice of the court.

Serious negligence of charges… [--]read more

Kabul Afghanistan  


The Afghan Women's Network congratulates the employment of four women minsters in formation of National Unity Government cabinet to all concerned authorities; in particular admires casting confidence votes to nominated minsters by members of Parliament.  The Afghan Women's Network with continues advocacy campaigns in the first and second rounds of presidential elections and after the formation of National Unity Government… [--]read more

Dated: 20 March 2015

Kabul Afghanistan

Serial no: (6)


As all know  that the modern world has been in an effort to observe humanitarian rights by each passing day and to have an enforced law in all societies, because the only better way of living is to ensure social and public order and discipline in which the bases are justice and equality. But the predicament in our… [--]read more

Afghanistan joined the global uprising – One Billion Rising (OBR) Campaign in 2013, in a show of allegiance and support for women victims of physical, sexual, and other forms of violence. An estimated one out of every three women around the world experiences some kind of physical or sexual violence in their lives, and the ‘One Billion’ represents the estimated number of victims. In Afghanistan, the OBR campaign is spearheaded by civil society groups and organizations engaged in advocacy for women’s rights and prevention of all kinds of… [--]read more

Consecutive number(4) 

Press release

Kabul- AfghanistanThe Afghan women, by casting 38% of votes in the Presidential Elections  1393 is a strong reason for creation of the National Unity Government (NUG). Despite of the threats, lack of facilities and security risks, we, the women, have casted our votes for a better future. 

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Kabul – Afghanistan                                                        

Sequence No: 2

It is with great pleasure that despite a prolonged delay the cabinet of the National Unity Government has eventually been announced. Afghan Women’s Network is optimistic about the announcement of the cabinet and thus expects that the nominees play a significant… [--]read more

Afghan Women's Network acknowledges the active participation (36%) of women in the Presidential and Provincial Council elections on 5th April 2014. A considerable number of women’s participation in the first round of elections showed women’s commitment and interest to be a part of a fair and democrat process. 

Afghan Women’s Network extends its gratitude to Independent Election Commission, Election Commission for Complaints, Afghan National Security Forces, Media, Civil Society and People for their extraordinary role for… [--]read more

Security, awareness and enforcement of Elimination of Violence Against Women Based on the United Nations’ statistical figures, more than seven billion people live around the world and women cover almost 50 percent of the population and each woman out of three is confronted to (a) type/s (Rape, beating) of violence. The registered number of violence against women cases during this year reach more than 5000. Women yet don’t have access to justice; EVAW Law’s enforcement has been facing many obstacles and the judicial, security and… [--]read more

Afghan Women’s Network (AWN) Symposium, Oslo November 23, 2014 A Long Decade of Progress There has been remarkable progress in the lives of Afghan women over the last long decade, with a number of legal reforms, new policies, and practical measures set forth to advance women’s rights and quality of life. Over the past few years, 28% of Afghan parliament seats have been filled by women. School enrolment of Afghan girls is now 38% of the total. The Afghan Ministry of Health reports a huge decline in the maternal mortality rate,… [--]read more

Afghan Women’s Network (AWN) strongly condemns the recent incidents of violence    and attack against women and children. AWN calls on the Afghan government to seriously follow, prosecute and punish the perpetrators of these crimes. We believe provision of immediate reparation and… [--]read more

Afghanistan is at a critical juncture. The recent transfer of political power from former president Hamid Karzai to President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, signing of the Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) between the Afghan government and government of the United States, signing of Status of Force Agreement (SOFA) with NATO and handover of transition… [--]read more

Position Paper on the occasion of London Conference on Afghanistan 13 November 2014 Afghanistan is at a critical juncture. The recent transfer of political power from former president Hamid Karzai to President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, signing of the Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) between the Afghan government and government of the United States, signing of Status of Force Agreement (SOFA) with NATO and handover of transition process from the international security forces to Afghan National Security Forces are positive steps towards ensuring a sustainable… [--]read more

We member of Afghan civil Society and the Afghan population, are presenting our condolences to the friends and family members of those who lost their precious lives in the horrifying incident of 9/11. We fully share the sorrow and pain you went/are going through and no one can feel it better than the Afghans who are losing a loved one or a family member each day. Unfortunately, each day Afghans are going through the same terror of 9/11 and we strongly believe that standing by each other, we are much stronger in giving each other… [--]read more

AWN after a serious of consultation with women organisations and individual presented a six point petition to Afghan Election Finalist which was endursed by both candidates. Now that Afghanistan is entering a new phase of National unity government, we call on the newly elected President to abide by the commitment made and find practical measure in next 100 day of government and coming five years of government to mainstream women’s concerns in coming planning and implementation.Commitment should include concrete steps for advancing implementation of the National… [--]read more

Afghan sisters!

Let’s play our decisive role in ensuring peace in the country!

Afghan Women Network congratulates all peace loving Afghans and citizens of the world, on the occasion of the international Peace Day, and offers the following message on this blessed day: Today, on September 21st, we celebrate World Peace Day in Afghanistan, at a time… [--]read more

The Civil Society Organizations Press Release on Paghman Gang Rape which four women members of a family were rapped and looted As you know on Friday night the vehicle of a family which were returning from a wedding party were stopped in Deh e Araban by gun men members in police uniform reportedly had tied the hands and legs of the men members of the family, deprived passengers of their valuables and sexually abused four women. Reports say these four women were transferred to one of the Kabul hospitals but, the families of them did not want the case to… [--]read more


Year 2014 is historic for Afghanistan and it is people. The Afghan citizens through practice of democracy will once again have a new elected government. This in decades will be transfer of political power from one president to the other in a peaceful and democratic way. At the same time, withdrawal of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) troops will be completed by end of the year. It is crucial time not only for Afghans but to the world and the region to ensure sustainable peace, democracy and… [--]read more

Kabul – Afghanistan

23 July 2014


 The continuation of controversies and disputes over the second round of the Presidential Elections process in Afghanistan and news and analysis being published the opinions raised, in one hand has harmed the democratic elections process as well as it has increased many of serious concerns among citizens of Afghanistan especially women regarding political games and decisions behind the closed doors.

Afghan Women’s… [--]read more

The Second Round of Election Following its strategic goal of women political participation Afghan Women’s Network has once again actively played an active role in the election of June (2014) promoting democratic process and encouraging women’s participation in elections.  AWN efforts included mobilization and raising awareness rising among women in second round of election. On 4June, 2014, AWN launched Our Vote our Destiny campaign which included radio TV spots, billboards messages and community dialogues in all 34 provinces of Afghanistan. During the… [--]read more

Afghanistan is at an important juncture in its history. On April 5th Afghan women and men reaffirmed their commitment to democracy and the peaceful transfer of power through their widespread participation in the presidential election, in the hope of securing a better future for themselves and their children.  We the undersigned congratulate the two prime candidates Dr.AbdullahAbdullah and Dr.Ashraf GhaniAhmadzai. We commend them for not compromising the results of the election and for showing their readiness fora second round of elections in conformity with Afghan law,… [--]read more

Kabul Afghanistan                                                                              consecutive number(2)

                                                                                                                       … [--]read more

Once again, we are witness to a hostile act, which is un--‐Islamic, un--‐Afghan and inhuman; this time against a 30--‐year--‐old woman, the aggressor being her husband. This act is in violation of all Islamic and human principles. Following several shocking cases of violence inflicted last month, this time, it is 30 –year--‐ old, Sitara; a mother of four daughters, who has become a victim of violence, of her addict husband. Her crime--‐her refusal to give her jewelry to buy drugs. Today Sitara lies in hospital, her nose and lips brutally chopped… [--]read more

We women’s rights movement are extremely disappointed with the recent serious incidents of violence against women. The judgment against Chaman Gul’s case, where she was raped by a group of local police two years back is extremely shocking. Two women were found hanged in Logar province, two women were killed over a family dispute in Faryab province by their sons, father-in-law kills his daughter-in-law and two grandsons(8 and 10 years) in Ghazni, 17 years old Shakila was shot on her face by her husband in Kabul, shooting of a… [--]read more

As, we celebrate the International Day of Ending Violence against Women, Afghan Women’s Network (AWN) emphasizes on the positive and negative aspects of addressing violence against women in Afghanistan. This year, we join the 16 Days of Activism Campaign and call for an end to early and forced marriages in Afghanistan. In the past 12 years, there has been widespread progress made in the lives of women in Afghanistan. To mention few, Elimination of Violence against Women Law (EVAW) for the first time addresses domestic violence… [--]read more

The phenomenon of patriarchy, accepting injustice by women, and unacceptable customs and etiquettes of our society are all the reasons that today Afghan women are deprived from their rights. Therefore, to achieve the key objectives in this area and to combat the inequality against women, a comprehensive plan, appropriate to the situation and conditions of our society should be designed and implemented.  At this critical time, government, civil society organizations, and media should work together to decrease the level of violence,… [--]read more

We are concerned about the increasing violence against women. We urge the Afghan government to identify and punish the perpetrators of violence against women. Kulsum, Shakeela, Sahar Gul, Najiba and Saberah are a few of the victims of violence such as household abuse, physical, community violence; whose voices remained unheard. They are oppressed and suffering from the lack of attention of relevant government institutions.  

Afghan women's rights activists and civil society organizations are only the source of support for women who are victims of violence to plead for… [--]read more

The Afghan Women’s Network condemns in the strongest possible terms the shooting attack on 14 year old Pakistani schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai by theTaliban in Pakistan.  The leaders and members of AWN declare their support for Malala and call on the Pakistani government, civil society, and the international community, to support women in Pakistan and protect them against these kinds of acts.  The Afghan Women's Network has no tolerance for acts of violence against women.   In our work we strive to bring the rights of women to the attention of the international community… [--]read more

Afghan Women’s Network Condemns Recent Violence Against Women in Afghanistan

Kabul- Afghanistan September 2012: A 16-year old girl was flogged by local mullahs in Jaghori district of Ghazni province and 11 years old girl was married to 34 years old then murdered  by her husband in Qala Qazi of  Kabul province. These were carried out without any legal institutions presence and with the decision of few men in public. Women throughout Afghanistan, have been under extreme abuse in recent months, the cases… [--]read more


Kabul- Afghanistan 26 Sep 2012: A 16-year old girl was flogged by local mullahs in Jaghori district of Ghazni province. This was carried out without any legal institutions presence and with the decision of few men in public. Women throughout Afghanistan, have been under extreme abuse in recent months, the cases of  rape of  young Lal Bibi, by Afghan Local Police and the public execution of a young woman like  Najiba and violence of Shenwari is not yet erased from mind of people  that  another violence just  captured  the attention of  everyone.

… [--]read more

Afghan Women want to be Included in the Peace Process, Access to Justic, Securing their Rights and the Drive to get Illegal Weapons off the Streets. Afghan women are putting their lives on the line to celebrate International Peace Day. Thousands of women and men are expected to gather for peace throughout the country on September 23th. Women want in on the peace process and they are demanding that the government do more to collect the millions of illegal weapons all over the country. In Kabul recently a gunfight broke out in… [--]read more

The Afghan Women’s Network condemns the public execution of Najiba in Parwan province, as first reported by Reuters on Sunday 8 July 2012. Amateur video of the execution are circulating on the Internet, which shows the 22-year-old being shot at close range nine times, and a crowd of men cheering. The Afghan Women’s Network, which is an umbrella organization of 96 NGO members and over 5000 individual members, condemns this heinous act in strongest terms and urges the government to take urgent action against the perpetrators. Earliest this… [--]read more

Introduction The Afghan Civil Society deem international support for Afghanistan that has consistently continued in the ten years important and greatly value international conferences on Afghanistan, specifically the Tokyo conference. The Afghan Civil Society, by keeping in view the development priorities of Afghanistan, include their collective demands and commitments in this paper as follows: Afghan Civil Society that have more than four decades of experience in rendering services have built sufficient capacity in various areas including justice, defending… [--]read more

While the government of Afghanistan is once again at the eve of the Tokyo International Conference where bilateral commitments regarding the acceptance of the responsibility for transition/transfer and permanent welfare and strengthening of the Afghan society will be discussed in which the rights of all citizens should be protected however, the rights of women and children and the role of civil society is still being questioned in the country.   The safe houses/women’s shelter are constantly and regularly supervised by the… [--]read more

We, the members of the Afghan Women’s Network (AWN) strongly condemn the terrorist acts of burning schools, poisoning students and closure of schools in the country. As you, the Afghan publics are informed through media, more than 550 schools are closed in eleven provinces. As you know, there have also been several incidents of poisoning of students in a vicious aim to stop girls’ education in the country. This is happening in a situation where the religious families and students believe that education is not only their Islamic right but obligation.… [--]read more

Afghan Women’s Network formed by Afghan women in exile is an independent advocacy platform for Afghan women’s human rights and peace since 1995.


In advance of the Chicago NATO Summit, Afghan Women’s Network consulted over 300 women leaders across eight Provincial Zones to document women’s perceptions of the Security Transition, their involvement in Transition, and the impact Transition has thus far… [--]read more




      [--]read more

Translation in Dari will be available.


Human Rights Watch will on Wednesday, 28 March at 2012 launch a new report on Afghanistan. “I had to run away: Women and girls imprisoned for ‘moral crimes’ in Afghanistan,” is based on 58 interviews conducted in prisons and juvenile detention facilities with women and girls accused of “moral crimes.”


The fall of the Taliban government… [--]read more

Afghan women call on their government and its international supporters that women can and have the right,the capacity and desire to be involved in the transition process and need to be counted as an importantbuilding force for the stability, economic prosperity and sustainable peace of the country. Therefore, Bonn should not be another platform to continue with women’s exclusion. The Afghan women are asking for,25 Percent women’s inclusion both from government and non-government institutions as part of the Bonn process and Bonn Conference. 

For Immediate… [--]read more

Recently, the afghan people witnessed the cruel killing of women, children and civilians by the enemies of humanity are. This massacre not only a deep contradiction with accepted standard international law but with the Islamic and afghan culture tradition is basic contradiction. Bloody and inhumane operations and suicide explosion in most cases causing horrific casualties and civilians were children of this land was the losses were different for the different dimension have and multiple in the context of these events have been vulnerable to uneven. Hence we afghan… [--]read more

On the occasion of 8th of March International Women’s Day, the Afghan civil society organisations demand the Afghan State and international community to pay serious attention to Pease and security and find way of tackling of current violence.



The 8th of March is recognised as the International Women’s day. International Women's Day is a global day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future. To celebrate… [--]read more


As more than sixty Nations gather in the coming days to discuss Afghanistan’s future, it is critical that the voices and concerns of the Afghan people are raised. Representing the six major coordinating bodies of civil society and NGO groups working in development, human rights, education, and humanitarian aid in Afghanistan, we call on the participants of the London Conference to ensure that the needs of the Afghan people remain forefront on the international community’s agenda.

Over the past eight years, despite significant improvements in sectors such… [--]read more