Afghan Women's Network

Afghan Women's Network

Management Team

Mrs. Hassina Safi

Ms. Safi possesses over 20 years of extensive experience in women development programs having special focus on women empowerment, program development, training and capacity building, operation management, advocacy in women’s rights, civil society, peace building and human rights. She started her first formal struggle at the age of 15 teaching English as a second language to Afghan Refugee women. During the past two decades she has been working with IRC, DACAAR, IOM, AWEC, UNDP and now AWN. She has served in different boards. With an outstanding velocity, starting from the membership of Afghan Women Network (AWN), interred the right platform to expand and continue to her struggle all the way. She has been one of the strategic advocators for women’s rights, representing civil society and Afghan women in national, regional and international events such as Peace consultation Jirga, traditional Jirga, London Conference, Kabul Conference, SOM etc.  She is a great supporter of education; she believes quality education is the key solution towards the sustainability of a nation. Her journey towards success never lacked challenges – not something to doubt about an Afghan woman’s life. She also believes in a balanced professional and personal life.




 Ms. Wazhma Popal

Is an intellectual and bold Afghan woman whom, works as an Admin and HR Manager for AWN. She is pragmatic, self-motivated, and highly industrious hand-on senior technical with consultative professional. She has had challenging work experience in development of organizations through cutting-edge problem based solutions-in public and private sectors.  She has sound knowledge of HR & Admin skills and well versed to the existing legal setup of Afghanistan, completely accustomed to the official governmental procedures. Familiar with the weaving fabrics of Afghan civil society and its multidimensional aspects, their complexities, and absolute analytical studies over their solution


  • Admin/ HR Manager
  • 0777 743 014


Mrs. Roshna Mashal

Mrs. Mashal Is an intellectual woman meanwhile defender of women’s rights in Afghanistan. She was born in Kabul on 1971 and graduated from Journalism faculty of Kabul University. She always did her best to achieve social services and does prominent activities for the women to reflect the women in the society. She always remained a committed woman and due her efforts and perseverance, could prepare the ground for the implementation of humanitarian projects, and she worked as a women activist and advocate. She is  believed, working together can eliminate all the disarrangements and put an end to the back warded society, according to her thinking the only way for reaching to destination is working tirelessly. Like the other Afghan women she also migrated, but she didn’t have come off, she continued teaching the Afghan Student in Rawalpindi, Pakistan and then returned back to her homeland during the Taliban period and started teaching the afghan girls hidden in her home.


Mrs. Robina Hamdard

Mrs. Hamdard was born and grew up in a bright and educated family in 1363 in Kabul. She graduated from Ahmad Javed High School and completed her higher education in law and political science department in law faculty of Kabul University. Beside her university degree she has conducted long term course in “defense attorney, Leadership, Management and business” which gave her extra knowledge on different field. Giving value and understanding the importance of human rights was the only reasons that she has started working with different organizations such as “Human rights, USAID, UNDP, ASGP, IFES and Afghan Women Network (AWN).  Along with her Academic and professional career in the field of law she has also worked in media due to her interest in the field of Journalism. In addition, Ms. Robina has worked for three years as a spooks woman and producer of a live program on the topics of Legal and Social rights.