Afghan Women's Network

Afghan Women's Network

Based on the coordination meeting held at with female nominated minsters,

Based on the coordination meeting held at with female nominated minsters, they have declared their future agendas as follow:
Miss. Dilbar Nazari

  •  Establishment of research and investigation committee including MPs members, leadership of the MOWA and representatives of CSOs
  • Arrangement of provincial tours for identifying and addressing basic problems before women 
  • Efforts to move the MOWA from isolation 
  • Establishment of employment technical committee made of various representatives 
  • Establishment of cadre recognition committee for specialised women to appoint the m decision making level 
  • Investigation and addressing the vicious case of martyred Farkhuda
  • Essential activity for reduction violence against women.

Miss. Dr. Farida Mohmmand 

  • Appointing women at leadership of MOHE
  • Arrangement of scholarship for girls 
  • Identifying the problem of girls recruitment at universities and addressing them 
  • Tackle against violence at MOHE sectors

Dr. Nasrin Oryakhil

  • Tackle against unemployment in the country 
  • Promoting accountability, acceptancy and deliverability cultures 
  •  Establishment of capacity building institutes for employees of the ministry 
  • Review of the martyrs and disabilities system
  • Establishment of employment national committee 
  • Consolidating the transparency, accountability and reporting system
  • Efforts for women empowerment and self sufficiency 
  • Attentions for girls at orphanages 
  • Consolidating of coord
  • • ination relation between ministries 

Miss. Salamat Azizi

  • Creating coordination with other ministries to tackle against Narcotics 
  • Including this bad phenomena as factor of family violence’s
  • Collecting new programmes from CSOs
  • Identifying the factors of addiction 
  • Serious attention for implementing the narcotics law