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Afghan Women's Network

Global uprising of One Billion Rising (OBR) on Violence against Women

!Justice for Farkhunda, Justice for All

(Venue: Ministry of Women Affair (Zainab Hall

Background about One Billion Rising

“One in three women in the globe beaten or raped in her lifetime; that is one billion women violated. One billion mothers, daughters, sisters, lovers and friends. In this crucial day, women across the country gathering together, walk up, rise up and demand an end to violence against women. Additionally, women by joining in this day say NO to violence against women and girls”

. Afghan Women's Network with a number of its member organizations and civil society joined global uprising of one billion rising (OBR) on violence against women.

14th February 2016, AWN has celebrated the global uprising or One billion rising (OBR) to end violence and sexual harassment against women and girls throughout the country. This event was held & celebrated simultaneously in 34 provinces Afghanistan. The AWN in collaboration of its regional offices and member organisations was succeeded to held & celebrate this event throughout the country. Also UN-Women supported the OBR campaign through AWN. They have provided 1400 orange scarves, 2000 notebooks, 1000 Pens and 300 brochures to AWN that distributed them by AWN in Kabul event and all AWN regional offices and members that celebrated OBR. The meeting was hold at the Ministry of Women's Affairs with a number of government officials, including Mrs. Delbar Nazari Minister of Women's Affairs, representatives of the First Lady, advisor to the Ministry of Hajj and Religious Affairs, representatives of civil society and a majority of women's rights activists. The program started with recitation of verses from the Holy Quran and after that the national anthem was played. Then Laifa Faqerzadah read a poem in regard to women. 

At the meeting held in this occasion, first Mrs. Hasina Safi, AWN’s executive director through her opening remarks welcomed the guests and introduced the programme. She added, in earlier 2013, AWN has officially joined this day and celebrated one billion rising to end violence and sexual harassment against women and girls, and on that day, we called on one billion women & those who love them around the globe to come together and say NO to violence and sexual harassments against them. This time the message of OBR was justice for the Farkhunda justice for all!

Subsequently, Mrs. Delbar Nazari Minister of Women Affairs welcomed the guests and presented her speech. She said, this is being celebrated in Afghanistan while women are still subjected to violence, sexual harassment and sexual assault, which is really critical. She also stated that Ministry of Women's Affairs always supports women and participants in gathering of women against violence in order to improve the situation of women. This ministry on behalf of its departments announce their support for justice to all victims. At the end she stated that struggling against violence is a common denominator among all women's organizations that work together in order to fight against violence and protect such participations.

Adviser and spokesman for the Ministry of Hajj and Religious Affairs, stated during his speech: By the name of Islam we destroy humanity. Though the holly book (Quran e Sharief) gave a lot of values for humanity, but we do actions that are in conflict with it. He also stated that the Ministry of Hajj and Islamic Affairs is doing things like raising campaign to collect those people who destroy people’s minds. This work has been started in the Center and the provinces.

Then Ms. Sultana Khaknzhad Legal Consultant of Afghan Women's Network talked about the Attorneys functions in regard to Farkhunda’s case.

Subsequently, Mrs. Roshan Mashal, Networking Manager of the AWN was read out the press statement; finally, the event was ended by closing remarks of Mrs. Mari Akrami board member of the AWN.


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