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Afghan Women's Network

Presenting the implementation of CEDAW 2nd shadow report in Afghanistan by Afghan Women’s Network (AWN)


Date 29,Dec 2015 AWN organized a conference for under title  of  Presenting the implementation of CEDAW 2nd shadow report in Afghanistan for the year 2014 , CEDAW reprot is preparing once in four years and mostly circullating on women’s related affaris discussed the finding, challeges and issues related to women in Afghanistan.  The program was participated by AWN members‘ orgnization , women supporting CSOs , representatives from govermental orgnization as  Ministry of Women’s affairs, Ministry of foriegn affairs , the office of the presedent, representative from UN-Women , AWN board members , AWN indevedual memners and other CSOs .

Program Agenda,

Program is started with 9:35 Am by reciting of few verse of holy Quran and chairing of  Ms.Homiyra Farhangyar AWN Capacity Building Manager. Ms.Hassina Safi provides information about the goals of program and had in light on the history of CEDAW’s report, AWN intervention in this report and did thanks from all involved organization in preparing of this report . After that Ms.Robina Hamdard Head of AWN Advocacy department present the report prepared through a presentation and provide information about the current situation of Afghan women included, the finding, challenges and recommendations recorded in the report and  also provide answers to the question of participant accordingly.

 Penal discussion:

At this part of the program penal members each one Ms.Aziza Adalat Khow, legal director in Ministry of Women’s Affair, Qazee Rahema Reyazee , Director for Family court, Ms.Marya Akrami AWN board Director and representative for Civil society, Ms.Maseha Faiez adviser in gender affairs in UN-Women were discussed in manner of the international documents and its implementation in Afghanistan.  

Aziza Adalat Khow legal director in MoWA appreciate the activities of AWN and said that MoWA as policy making organ makes laws for women and add that human rights are among the prior attention in worldwide. She said, there are been created many conventions in this regard, CEDAW is one of those conventions and the government of Afghanistan is part of that . she also mention from the achievement and activities of the MoWA in this area .

Fawzia Nawabi representative of Ministry of foreign affairs (MoFA) appreciate AWN’s activities and reminded from importance of this report. said, that MoFA had its performance in this area and this report can support the government of Afghanistan in preparing the next terms CEDAW report.

Marya Akrami AWN Board Director and representative of Civil Society discussed about the AWN CEDAW shadow reports and said that this report needs for further improvement.  She also point to women’s problems in different areas and required to focuse those points in next terms AWN CEDAW Shadow report.

Masiha Fayez Gender Affairs adviser in UN-Women mentioned from its office activities in relation to the women rights, CEDAW and thier cooperation with govermental orgnization in thise area. she also remind that in 2013 UN-Women noteced some recommandation about the CEDAWs first report lunched by the goverment of Afghanistan in 2011 and did requested to focuse move on artical 11 and 23 of the this reoprt which is exclusive for woem share in government and Elimination of violecne against women. Currently UN-Women is supporting Afghan government in translation services of this reprot.  


The program is continued with question and answer session of the participants from Penal Members and did finally conclusioned by Makye- Seyawash AWN board member. The program is ended on 12:30 Pm .


Venue:                        Kabul Star Hotel

Prepared By:             Communication Unite