Afghan Women's Network

Afghan Women's Network

Afghan Women’s Network General Assembly Election

Afghan Women’s Network conducted its general assembly on 2nd March 2016. The session was initiated with welcoming speech of Ms. Hasina Safi, AWN’s executive director and defined an over view of the network and recent updated information accomplished during the past two years (February, 2014 – February, 2016). Her presentation was prepared based on institutional development and AWN’s strategic focus areas 1) Women’s Political Participation and Leadership; 2) Women’s Legal & Social Protection and; 3) Women’s Peace and Security.

After that Ms. Nabila Muslih the deputy minister of MOWA presented the message of H.E minster of MOWA and appreciated the AWN works and pledged its lifetime support with network.

Following to that, Hangama Anwari, EVAW law program manager welcomed the AWN efforts and initiative especially during the past thirteen years in relation to the afghan women at national and international levels. She added, challenges exist in every organization but it’s important to keep in mind the lesson learns and use it as a strength in the future.

 UN women supports all NGOs working for women’s rights. Our support and CSOs contributions will lead us to gender equality in Afghanistan. We also, support the CSOs engagement at policy level. And I strongly pledge the UN Women future contribution with AWN.

MR. Hashim Baseerat head of NGOs said, despite of challenges network survives and functions well and it’s a great achievement to the network. During the past 10 years the AWN reports and productive operations attend the satisfaction and support of the international community and it’s all resulting of generation decisions being made at AWN. The MOE has a good well before the network. Its accountability, transparency and productive operations proved it.

Mari Akrami, Ex-chairman board of AWN briefly talked over the past two years’ achievements and thanked to the AWN founders Ms. Palwasha Hassan, Khorshid Noori, Asial Wardak, Najia as well as to the AWN secretariat for their tireless efforts. 

MS. Palwasha Hassan, AWN’s founders’ briefly defined the election process as follow: total 14 people nominated themselves to the AWN board of directors including seven Ex-board member, senior member of the network and individuals who have active contribution with the AWN over the past two years. This the tent GA being conducted.

The first GA was conducted in 1995 in Islamabad, Pakistan and first constitution was also, made in1998 in Islamabad Pakistan.

Finally, Ms. Roshan Mashal networking manager of AWN introduced each candidates (Shafiqa Habibi, Shahla Farid, Zarq Yaftali, Nooria Safi, Samira Hamidi, Mari Akrami, Roshan Sirina, Mariam Rahmani, Gulmakai Siawash, Mahbooba Seraj, Hasina Hussain, Karima Hedayat and Nasima Rasooly) and asked them to introduce themselves and present their platform within five minutes.

Each one of the abovementioned AWN’s board candidates talked for less or more five minutes and defined their future plans. Its worth to mention that Ms. Mahbooba Seraj speech was read by AWN’s secretariat as she was abroad the country.

After that, the voting boxes put in places and voting ballots distributed to the members who had voting rights by AWN secretariat. An observers’ committee formed to assure transparency in the voting process. The observers group were consisting of Mr. Hashim Baseerat, head of NGOs at MoE, Ms. Sema Natiq and Hassina Nikzad.

After the voting process the votes counted in the presence of observers including H.E Dr.  Nasreen Oriakhil, Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, Ms. Nabila Muslih deputy minister of MoWA, Mr. Said HAshim BAseerat Head of NGOs at MoE, and Ms. Hangama Anwari Programme manager of UN-Women, in which, in which Ms. Shahla Farid received the highest votes. The voting ratios is as below:

  1. Shahla Farid: 45 votes
  2. Nooria Safi: 34 votes
  3. Zarqa Yaftali: 30
  4. Ms. Samira Hamidi 28 votes
  5. Ms. Mari Akrami: 25 votes and
  6. Ms. Shafiqa Habibi and Roshan Serina received less than 25 votes

Finally, the event was ended with prayers and wishing success to the AWN’s new board members.