Afghan Women's Network

Afghan Women's Network

Launch of amended Constitution

AWN’s Constitution is developed in the light of Article - 35 of Afghanistan Constitution endorsed in (2003), and it is also based on the Non-Government Organizations Law. This Constitution has been endorsed in Five Chapters and 38 Articles for the purpose of organizational structure and activities of the Afghan Women’s Network. The overall goal of this constitution is:

  1. Facilitating of opportunities for Network's members in order to involve women in mainstreaming of Afghan society welfare to utilize all the rights and obligations equally.
  2. To create necessary opportunities for its members to focus on Afghan women's consideration to combat with harmful tradition and advocate for their rights in different arenas; and perform its responsibility by utilizing of their equal rights and obligations for making a prosperous society without any discrimination, prejudice and human rights violations through participation and collaboration with one voice.


AWN on 29th July 2015 officially launched AWN’s amended constitution at Kabul Star Hotel. The overall purpose of this launch was to share the amended constitution with the members of AWN and obtain their approval. In this meeting the representative of Economic Ministry, Mr. Hashim Basirat the head of NGOs Department, AWN’s members, CSOs, AWN’s board members, and AWN’s executive team participated. The meeting was initiated with the welcoming messages of Ms. Hasina Safi the executive director. Meanwhile she discussed on the main objective of the meeting. She has suggested all the participants to provide their instructive inputs and recommendations in the structure and content of the constitution. Subsequently Ms. Gul Makai Siyawash the board member of AWN discussed on the content of the constitution and how it is developed. After that Ms. Roshan Mashal AWN’s networking manager explained the articles of the constitution for asking the views of the participants for its further improvement. During the launch the following recommendations were provided by the participants for further enhancement of the constitution.  

  1. AWN’s constitution and Network should have same goal.
  2. The General provision should be classified on the basis of chapter, session, article, and sub-article.
  3. The literature review of the constitution should be reviewed through technical committee from law background.
  4. AWN’s logo should be defied at the Constitution
  5. Women’s access to financial sources should be added at the objective section
  6. Afghan Women’s Network should focus more on women’s economic growth rather than women’s political participation.
  7. Individual members are the people who aim to achieve overall goals of the network (simple definition).
  8. In the context of honorary members instead of international (Foreigner) should be written.
  9. In the context of honorary members instead of beneficial records (good records) should be written.
  10. The structure of the network should be bound to deputy but deputies.
  11. Article 9 of the General Assembly/gatherings is the highest decision-making authority (should be written).
  12. In the context of extraordinary meetings of the General Assembly/gatherings comments should be written due to necessity.
  13. Extraordinary meetings: holdings must have specified conditions. The condition is ¼ instead of regular meetings it should be called ordinary meetings. It will be better if ordinary and extraordinary meetings are divided and described separately.
  14. Proxy/representation document should be said by a member of organization and it should be written by an authoritative person or an authoritative organization in paragraph Xiii, and also instead on organization institution should be written.
  15. It should be said that the report of the General Assembly will be sent to members with 14 days no later than 14 days (50+1) should be written.
  16. Xviii: instead of majority, two third of present votes should be written.
  17. The core group membership should not be limited to AWN’s members only but also new comers and the work experience should be reduced from 10 years to 5 years.
  18. Political and ethnic should be removed from sentence and in the beginning of the sentence instead of advice (consultation) should be written.
  19. The Board of Directors shall consist of seven members the word (should) shall be removed.
  20. AWN’s board members shall be composed of Afghan women should be removed.
  21. Some conditions like permanent illness, and death should be added to the constitution.
  22. Repeated information should be avoided

After the agenda was fully delivered and inputs were noticed by AWN technical team. Once the recommendations are analysed it will be integrated into constitution and then the constitution will be send to board members/general assembly for review and it will be translated into Pashtu and English languages. 

It is worth mentioning that this constitution is valid for five years and any changes in the articles or sub articles require the approval of General Assembly. Once the changes are approved, the new version of constitution automatically replaces the older version. Proposing any changes in the Constitution is the responsibility of the Board of Directors.