Afghan Women's Network

Afghan Women's Network

Our Values

Our AWN, to effectively organize and carry out its mission, to promote and support common purpose and to avoid real or perceived conflicts of interest, (AWN) will operate under the following core organizational principles and values:


Honesty: In all communications, services, materials and support, the network will operate in the role of an honest mediator.

Consensus: AWN will operate on a consultative and consensus-building model.

Transparency and Accountability: The Network will be transparent and accountable in all its services, materials and support its members and   women at large and will engage in full public acknowledgment of all (1) participants/members contribution (2) sources and expenditure of funds, (3) activities and events where security of individual and organization members is ensured.

Human Rights and Democratic values: All members will adhere to human rights and democratic values in their policies, relations, work and outputs

Professionalism: In all circumstances the management and Board will adhere to the core principles and values of the Network in operations and program.