Afghan Women's Network

Afghan Women's Network

Afghan Women’s Network on the occasion of Warsaw NATO Summit Declaration on Afghanistan

Kabul, Afghanistan 

Afghan Women’s Network appreciates the NATO Summit 2016 in Warsaw and particularly the focus on policy makers on Afghanistan. AWN welcomes the continuation of international aid to Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) until 2020. This support it extremely important and timely to strengthen the role of ANDSF.   

AWN highly appreciates the announced aid to ANDSF by Australia (100 million dollar- 80 million to Afghan National Army and 20 million to Afghan National Police), Canada (465 million dollar- 250 million for development and 195 million for ANDSF), South Korea (135 million dollar) and the United Kingdom (210 million pound).

While it is important to recognize the support provided to ANSDF in the past 15 years as well as coming years, AWN’s recent findings after consultation with women in these sectors show that these supports have not been enough. Women representation is still fairly low as well as they face challenges and discriminations to be resolved. We call on National Unity Government particularly the MoD and MoI to develop actions plans in consultation with women within and out these sectors for improving women’s contribution in ANDSF. We believe consultation and engagement with women will provide opportunities to support women in a strategic and sustainable manner in ANDSF. We also call on international community specifically the above mentioned countries to condition their aid on improvements in women’s condition in security sector. The impact of these aids will be only visible when women in security sector are leading important positions and are part of decision making within ANDSF.

As regards, that transparency, accountability and monitoring of these funds are essential, AWN demands for allocating special fund for strengthening and empowerment of women in the security sectors. Hence, women are also in need of financial and technical supports for their improvement in this area, which was our emphasized context before the meeting.