Afghan Women's Network

Afghan Women's Network

Afghan Women Network’s Statement on Zahra’s burning to death

Kabul- Afghanistan
Zahra 14 years old pregnant girl burned alive to death by her husband and father-in-law in Ghor province on 15/07/2016. she was married when was 9 years old, as restitution deal. She was beaten and stabbed by her in-laws and finally set on fire. Unfortunately due 80% to 85% of burnt and due to limited medical treatment in Ghor province, her treatment was not possible. Through collaboration and lobby of Afghan Women’s Network, other relevant government and civil society institutions, Zahra was admitted to Isteqlal hospital in Kabul under serious medication on 16/07/2016. Unfortunately, she passed away after two hours due to severe burns.
In demand for justice to Zahra, an advocacytent has been set in Kabul by her family and a number of civil society activists. Her body has not been buried yet. Zahra’s family demands justice, arrest and punishment of perpetrators. The Afghan Women Network supports Zahra’s family and civil activists in the advocacy campaign and will coordinate to provide any type of support.
The Afghan Women Network strongly condemns this anti-Islamic, brutal, inhuman act which is against Afghanistan’s traditions and human rights and demands the following steps to be taken:
• Serious action needs to be taken by the Presidential Palace and Chief Executive Office of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan regarding this and similar cases against women and share the outcomes with the public.
• The ministry of interior affairs should take necessary steps to arrest Zahra’s husband and share information and outcomes with public for more transparency
• The Office of Attorney General prioritize this case and prepare enough evidences to the court to ensure justice for Zahra
• Zahra’s case should be transferred from Ghor to a court in Kabul. Court should open this case in presence of public, human rights and women rights activist and media and punishment should be according to penal and prevention of violence against women laws.
• The ministry of women affairs to share updates on this case to punish criminals in collaboration with Zahra’s family with public, human rights and women rights activists.
• Civil Society, human rights and women rights activists strengthen advocacy to pressure more for results on this case