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Civil Voice for Peace

 Advocacy Committee’’ Civil Voice for Peace’’

 Supporters: AWN, SDO, AWEVSO, AWSDC, RBO, THRA, WBRAO, WBCDO, WHDO, WPSO, AIPDO, MoWA, WCLRF, NAWA, and Administration Affairs of GoIRA– Cultural and Social Affairs Directorate – Women Affairs Department.

Certifiers; Participants participating in celebration of global peace days

Subject; Global Peace day’s Celebration Resolution manifesto,

 Kabul, Afghanistan

Sept, 21st, 2016 - 31stSunbula, 1395


Civil Voice for Peace

The United Nation determined the 21st September as the Global Peace Day and this day annually celebrated differently around the world.

Though peace has changed into a global need but many countries such as Afghanistan needs it more than other countries this day is celebrated in Afghanistan as well.

Likewise other years, some civil societyorganizations have come together to launch a conference entitled “Civil Voice for Peace”. 

The civil society organizations especially the  implementer have figured out the issues such as lack of  unified and specific plans forinstitutionalizing ofthe National Unity and eliminating the existence discriminations and violence in the country.

The symbolic  role of women in peace process and fragile role of religious scholars and instructors in spreading out peace, lack of citizens awareness  and civil society organizations on peace process and its supervision, availability of irrelevant armed groups, poor performance of government diplomatic system and lack of  exact and modern foreign policy, flexibility in combating against corruption and drugs,  lack of consultative mechanism relevant to peace process between government and CSOs, poor quality of education, increasing the rate of poverty and unemployment, weak monitoring mechanism from violent publications and local media which create discord and some other issues considered as main obstacle ahead of reaching to absolute peace in Afghanistan, hence recommend and suggest the underneath way of solution  to government of Afghanistan.

Supporters and certifiers of this Resolution are committed and promised to plan and implement systematic programs to follow up their recommendations and solutions.

  1. Organizing of policies and actionable plans for nationalism, intensifying National Unity, elimination of prejudice by any means and violence at all level, especially at Educational and Social Institutions.
  2. Guarantee of the women role in peace process away of being symbolic.
  3. Holistic and truthful implementation ofUnited Nation Security Council Resolution 1325 by Afghanistan Government
  4. Strategic combating with Extremism and Terrorism.
  5. Developing atransparent, practical and accountable mechanismfor the High Peace Council.
  6. Developing and deploying a transparent and comprehensiveForeign Policy and also activating the diplomatic system of the government.
  7. Encouraging religious scholars and Instructors in spreading out Social Peace and supporting their performances.
  8.  Disarming armed and irrelevant groups.
  9. Prohibiting the violent and conflict creating publications of local media and theirmonitor by all means
  10. Practical, professional and tangible steps against poverty and unemployment in the country.
  11. Crucial steps towards generalization and quality of education in the country.
  12. Guarantee of the equitable developmentconsidering theessentials and standards of a constructive peace buildingand implementing development programs.
  13. Rigid combat against corruption and drugs.
  14. Address and access to the problem of returneesand internal displaced People problems through practical and applicable planning for their reintegration into the community
  15. Strengthening consultative mechanism between government and CSOs for peace related issues.

The Afghanistan Civil Society Organizations are committed that are ready for any kind of support based on their capacity with Afghanistan government and are struggling for reaching sustainable and countrywide peace


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