Afghan Women's Network

Afghan Women's Network


Afghan Women’s Network Condemns Recent Violence Against Women in Afghanistan

Kabul- Afghanistan September 2012: A 16-year old girl was flogged by local mullahs in Jaghori district of Ghazni province and 11 years old girl was married to 34 years old then murdered  by her husband in Qala Qazi of  Kabul province. These were carried out without any legal institutions presence and with the decision of few men in public. Women throughout Afghanistan, have been under extreme abuse in recent months, the cases of  rape of  young Lal Bibi, by Afghan Local Police and the public execution of a young woman like  Najiba and violence of Shenwari is not yet erased from mind of people  that  another violence just  captured  the attention of  everyone.

Such violence is not acceptable anymore to Afghan women, Afghan Women’s Network ask government of Afghanistan justice for the girls and women and immediate action women’s violence cases.   While also asking the government of ensuring women’s social security, demands the concerning authorities to take serious action regarding case in Ghazni province and other similar cases recorded throughout the country.

AWN also asks Parliament of Afghanistan to stand on their promises and follow the cases of violence in Afghanistan and ensure women their safety.