Afghan Women's Network

Afghan Women's Network

Declaration of Afghan Women’s Network (AWN)

The phenomenon of patriarchy, accepting injustice by women, and unacceptable customs and etiquettes of our society are all the reasons that today Afghan women are deprived from their rights. Therefore, to achieve the key objectives in this area and to combat the inequality against women, a comprehensive plan, appropriate to the situation and conditions of our society should be designed and implemented. 
At this critical time, government, civil society organizations, and media should work together to decrease the level of violence, provide access to justice and to raise the public awareness about women rights and issues. We, as Afghan Women, believe that we will win over these challenges if and when national level movements for women rights in Afghanistan initiated.
Chanting colorful slogans will not bring change to the current situation until the mindset of responsible entities and people is not changed against cruelty, violence, illiteracy and unacceptable customs and etiquettes that has affected thousands of families especially women.
State officials must act according to their duties and people need to stop oppression of women in their families and community. In addition, media need to effectively play its role in combat against violating laws related to women and against intolerable etiquettes, and cultures like high cost weddings. Community is consisting of men and women who both structure a human society. Therefore, discriminating and separating men and women against each other in the social and political fields is damage to the structure of any society. As many women enter the social fields of the society, we will witness the progress and development of the country. Therefore, this is the responsibility of all Afghan citizens, organization and media institutions to promote presence of women in all affairs of country including social and political life.
Today a great number of women are suffering due to lack of enforcement of law and access to justice, lack of health services, lack of awareness and low level of education. To eliminate all inequality and unjust we need to give hands to each other and work together for the good cause and bring positive change in Afghan Women’s life. High level of violence (killings without official hearing at the court, domestic violence including forced marriages and giving a sister or daughter in BAD “When your family commits to a crime and gives a girl from this end to other family to get the dispute settle down based on a Jirga agreement is called BAD”, high marriage-cost, and other male
dominated customs) is like heavy chain that tides women. We all might have witnessed types of violence that as civilized citizen are embarrassing to mention. This believe, that violence is not good, shall lead us to join the struggles and consistent campaigns with harmony as a start to many other movements to support women should lead us, that one day we all will witness happiness and prosperity of women in Afghanistan which is the
happiness of society and country.