Afghan Women's Network

Afghan Women's Network

Do not be violation of women’s rights.

Kabul Afghanistan                                                                              consecutive number(2)

                                                                                                                        Date: 14,11,1392

Since the safety and well-being of Afghan women rights are still not considered important needs to sustain public campaign, we launch the fight on behalf of women to support women.

Today women dignity damaged by cutting part of their body giving BAAD and force marriage. The women dignity which is gift of Allah must enshrine. The perpetrators of violence against women are slightly condemned.  The women disturbing and harassment is not considered as violation of moral law and not paid attention as disruptive to social order.

Women on the other hand, as society members are not involved in the critical decisions and form very weak even dramatic role in partnerships and leadership. And this cause to the absence of women in having active role in important historical juncture, transfer of political power and security.

According to UN statistics, more than seven million people today are living on Earth and half that number is women and according to UN report one woman in every three women is facing to violence (rape, beatings). The numbers of women who are victims of violence reach to one billion.

Against this injustice on 14 February 2013 sat to rise to one billion women and men. And also on 14 February 2014 a billion men and women will rise up worldwide to say enough to violence against women. The slogan of 2014 is ‘’ social justice’’. More than 5,000 organizations worldwide and civil society demand justice and equality and called for to end violence against women. This revolt called a one-day rise in the world, a billion people with a goal to combat violence against women.

We do not demand more than what our creator unmatched in our knowledge or in our law. This means, we want justice and we want to replace a culture of compassion instead of culture of violence. We won’t stay silent to implement them all.