Afghan Women's Network

Afghan Women's Network

Press Release of the Afghan Women’s Network about 5 Years old girl rape at Baghlan

Issue No (38)

Date: 15 Nov, 2016


With regret we have informed through the media that a 5-years old girl was raped in Central Baghlan District.

The description of this case is; that the older girl of the family who was engaged has escaped home with a man, after informing the girl’s father in Law family, number of people come and raid on the girl’s home. They took with self the girl 5- years old sister and kept it for 15 days. During this time the victim girl faced several time with rape acts and her mental state is still not satisfactory.

At meanwhile, the family of the victim girl demand from the government to persecute the perpetrators of these acts.

Afghan Women’s Network seriously convicts this evil act and calls this in opposite of the Islamic and ethical norms, and further demanding for urgently considering the issue.