Afghan Women's Network

Afghan Women's Network

Afghan Women’s Network Press release in relation to the recent violence against Women in the provinces

Issue No (39)

Kabul Afghanistan

The recent violence against women including murder of 3 ladies in Herat province due to ethnical divisions, sexual violence on 5th years old girl, and seriously beating of 14 years old girl at Doshi Distric of Baghlan Provinces, these all undermining at risks the Afghan Women social and legal protection in Afghanistan, and they are disappointed for the social welfare and comfort live . 
Unfortunately, the fate and lives of women and girls in Afghanistan have been associated with violence and every day women and children are victims of horrific violence, which are away from the Islamic law and ethical standards, and these incidents of violence are caused the serious concern, particularly for women.
Afghan Women's Network believes that the culture of impunity, lack of implementation of the Law on criminals , the government's negligence in following up the violence cases , lack of appropriate public awareness about legitimacy, are paved the way for violence against women.
Therefore, the Afghan Women's Network, once again demand from the government in considering the above issues to do serious attention for reducing violence against women and its further want to immediately implement the EVAW LAW on the perpetrator of the violence cases and secure women social and ethical protection .