Afghan Women's Network

Afghan Women's Network

Press Statement in relation to the International Human Rights Day and ending of 16 Days Campaign for the Elimination of Violence against Women

On 10 December 1984 the united Nation General Assembly indorsed the International Human rights declaration. The purpose of this declaration and naming of the day on the Name of Human Rights Day is to ensure Human Rights and equal Freedom and emphasize on basic civil, cultural, economic, political and social right s for all citizen

Afghanistan is one those countries has adopted  the universal Human Rights declaration and is obliged to respect all legislation and national Human rights programs of all citizen  comply with this declaration . The 16 Days of Campaign for the Elimination of Violence against Women started on 25th November and will be ended on 10 December (the International Human Rights Day).

By ending of 16 Days Campaign and celebrating of Human Rights Day, crucial opportunities and facilities for human rights defenders and activists particularly women rights defenders is providing  to have programs with national and international values on concepts of human rights and in another hand to advocate for rights of victims especially women and children.

 Every yare Civil Society Organizations particularly the Afghan Women’s Network celebrates from the International Human Rights Day and in this year also it celebrates in the consideration of AWN one of strategic priorities (Women’s Social and Legal Protection) on date 25. Nov. 2016.  AWN opened the 16 Days Campaign for the Elimination of Violence against Women with participation of governmental representatives, media, human rights and women rights defenders while there are still concerns about the issues such as increasing the number of violence, crimes impunity culture, lack of law enforcement, lack of awareness from the women rights, lack of allocated budget for reducing of the violence and lack of psychological protection of violence victims.

The Afghan Women’s network from start of the campaign up to date broadcast more than 100 video messages through visual and social medias also the Afghan Women’s network members on central and provincial levels participate in meeting held in the occasion of 16 days campaign and also active and committedly participate in  the discussion of round table , interviews and news programs.

At the end of 16 days campaign and Human Rights international Day the Afghan Women’s Network have below recommendations


  1. The Afghan Women’s network appreciate the programs , Commitments and messages of National Unity Government for reducing of Elimination of violence against Women , special appreciation is about signing MoUs between Attorney General office and Ministries of Higher Education , Public Health , Education and Independent directorate of Local Governance . for the first time during the last 15 years regular programs for reducing of violence against women are organized , the Afghan Women’s network once again demand from head National Unity Government to seriously pursue the implementation of their obligations regarding the implementation of laws, mechanisms of action for the implementation of the mentioned agreement and sharing of results, as well .
  2. Afghan Women’s network  appreciate from presenting of the strategy and National Action plan for better implementation of EVAW Law and called this an important steps for the implementation of this Law as well as for supporting the victims of violence . At meanwhile the Afghan Women’s network wants the government  to create a  confidential,  transference and accountable mechanism for the implementation of these two documents 
  3. The Afghan Women’s Network demands from the National Unity Government particularly from those sources they committed for upholding new responsibilities during 16 days campaign for elimination of  violence against women to support the Women rights defenders and relevant CSOs in the implementation of their plan and Programs as well as provide  sustainable support and cooperation in the advisory area for better implementation of the programs  
  4. The Afghan Women’s Network demands from Deputy of Elimination of Violence against Women , children rights violation and the attorney general Human Rights protection to have further cooperation and coordination with women rights defender organizations for providing emergency support through sharing information and specific mechanisms for the violence victims comply with laws
  5. National unity government must comply with its national and international obligations, specifically the Afghan National Action Plan to implement UN Security Council Resolution 1325 and fulfill their responsibilities by providing assistance to victims of violence in the material, spiritual and health areas.
  6. Ministry of Hajj and Religious Affairs should take serious actions on remote areas and villages to on hold public awareness about the dangers and adverse outcome of violence, and also about the legal and Islamic rights of women.
  7. The Independent commission of Human Right should investigate about root cause of crimes initiates from violence against women and propos solution for combating with this phenomenon.
  8. The development of role of law throughout the Afghanistan and prevention from customizing informal and cultural law ( especially in the area of criminal codes )
  9. Demand ending of the impunity culture in crimes and want from the judicial and investigative organs about those are involved in the crime of violence ( specially to identify  and prosecute the  sexual valiance and honor killings )