Afghan Women's Network

Afghan Women's Network

Press releases in relation to civilian testimony In war operation and suicide in Afghanistan

Recently, the afghan people witnessed the cruel killing of women, children and civilians by the enemies of humanity are. This massacre not only a deep contradiction with accepted standard international law but with the Islamic and afghan culture tradition is basic contradiction. Bloody and inhumane operations and suicide explosion in most cases causing horrific casualties and civilians were children of this land was the losses were different for the different dimension have and multiple in the context of these events have been vulnerable to uneven. Hence we afghan women while condemn inhumane acts causing the loss of social structures and tissues are the people of Afghanistan, we want from individuals involved group in this major crisis according to the principles and procedures based on their emissions to avoid killing civilians and threatened action and genuine respect for human dignity civilians have. Should be well in this time we are witnessing a suicide bombing on one hand and the international coalition being led to hundreds of other Afghans, including women and children went to death and a huge group of people in public places victim reckless programs and power struggle between the parties involved are.

Quite naturally invade and attack military and civilian panels and destruction of homes, neighborhoods and residential homes in various regions of the country results of than creating fear, resentment and sovereign among the people of Afghanistan, will have another achievements. Here we want to reflect that we own cries of women and children bite the macabre events and non-human are.

We want to that the cry of afghan children between the dust, smoke and fire power by parties seeking to objectively mistaking image and young people with great aspirations in order to Afghanistan’s new building without any guilt and mass murder arrive.

Since these movements and firebug, the clear and obvious contradiction with the principles of Islam and had no hand close to the human laws and standards does not conflict. We want to say that human dignity and respect the goals and objectives of our main priorities is considered and those who rise up against these criteria and non-permissible non reasonably have, in our view be deemed rejected and condemned therefore we women condemn and expressed resentment towards recent events strongly desire to conflict between parties and armed that are causing the killing of civilians, stop, and perpetrators of these crime, cruel and indiscriminate in order to killings norms as laws against war crimes trial detention and entrusted to justice courts to be, innocent afghans affected by war over the victim’s projects and programs of the same warlords that such programs not to symbolic reconciliation.



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