Afghan Women's Network

Afghan Women's Network

Parliamentary Human Rights Commission, in cooperation with the Afghan Women's Network (AWN), Ministry of Women's Affairs (MoWA), and civil society organizations;

We are concerned about the increasing violence against women. We urge the Afghan government to identify and punish the perpetrators of violence against women. Kulsum, Shakeela, Sahar Gul, Najiba and Saberah are a few of the victims of violence such as household abuse, physical, community violence; whose voices remained unheard. They are oppressed and suffering from the lack of attention of relevant government institutions.

Afghan women's rights activists and civil society organizations are only the source of support for women who are victims of violence to plead for justice. Violence against women is a universal phenomenon unfortunately, but it appears in extreme forms in Afghanistan. The recent violence such as desert/ad hoc courts, family prisons, honor killings and rape against women has been arbitrary and inconsistent with the values of national laws and international treaties signed by Afghan Government.

Kulsum 16 years old girl married, the daughter of Abdul-Hakim who lives in Dewvstan village of Badakhshan province, is one of these child victims of physical violence who delivered her child prematurely due to physical violence (from her in laws family) and lack of proper food, and is now under threat of death.

Women for Afghan Women, has as a result of this threat to her life taken responsibility for her treatment, care and legal services.

Parliamentary Commissioner for Women Affairs, Ministry of Women's Affairs, the Afghan Women's Network, and civil society organizations are asking for the following actions from Afghan government:

1 –Ensure access to justice, by following up on the cases of women that are victims of violence.
2 - The public hearing cases of violence against women.
3-In most of countries when violence takes place, Civil Society Organizations, Academic Institutes, None Governmental Organizations, and Associations raises their voice to support victims, ensure the protection of victim’s rights through having access to judicial system of the country. However in Afghanistan despite of increased number of cases of violence against women, these key stakeholders remain silent. Even the Scholars Shura (ShuraUlma) and Ministry of Haj-wa-Awqaf

Whose job is to preach Islam for protection of victims’ right based on Sharia law is quiet and are in active for the protection rights of victims. Therefore, we are requesting the Shura Ulma and Ministry of Haj-wa-Awqaf  to take their religious responsibility and preach Sharia law banning violence against women, through dissemination information  in mosques, Takiya Khana’s and other public gatherings to ensure the protection of women’s rights from religious perspective are understood by common people.