Afghan Women's Network

Afghan Women's Network

Afghan Women’s Network press release on one Billing Rising on Elimination of Violence against Women!

Solidarity against Exploitation of Women!

Date: 13 Feb 2017
S/N: 48
Kabul- Afghanistan

One billing rising on elimination of violence against women is a day which is the result of hard working, struggle and all intension to stop any types of violence against women. This day is considered as the very important day for defending women’s rights who constitute the half of the world population.

The Afghan Women’s Network in coordination with its NGO members and other civil society organizations joins this global movement each year and with raising the voice of justice for all, conducts advocacy on violence against women. This year also in coordination with 20 other CSOs announces the solidarity against exploitation of women.

Whereas the level of improvement and institutionalizing civil, humanitarian, and human rights values illustrates women’s status in the country and maintaining the human dignity of a woman in any society is the indication of a good political, social, and cultural structure of a country and ignorance of women’s rights is the indication of bad political cultural, social and cultural structure of a country.

Availability of any kind of violence against woman at any community like Afghanistan is a standard indicator to show the failure of the politicians and international community in spreading out civil culture and human values. The values that human are not measured and discriminated due to wrong standards such as race, sect and gender. 
With this solidarity Afghan women’s Network with all other brave women stand together with one voice and condemns any types of violence against women like beating, murder, rape, bad, woman trafficking, force prostitution, suicide, force to addiction, force, under age marriage, exchange for others marriages, chopping of their body parts, and with collaboration with open minded people look far better future with respect to human values. 
Let’s come with this solidarity for changes in the system, changes in perceptions, changes in mentality, changes in structure, awareness from the violence, changes in the policy which affect women economically, socially, physically, physiologically and to end this indicate various control procedures such to pressurize voice our sound. Solidarity is a fundamental relation which needs commitment, dare, confidence, faith and friendship. 
Afghan Women’s Network in spite of solidarity against exploitation of women wants from international community, unity government and other civil society organization to take accurate and precise actions for ending this disastrous phenomenon.

Wants and Recommendations:

1. We want resolute support of international community towards country’s women in economic, social, political and cultural areas. 
2. We demand the international community especially the United Nations to seriously observe and obligate the Afghan government to fulfill its commitments to the conventions in support of women rights. 
3. The National Unity Government shall take care of supplements of food and shelter of disabled and addicted women after their treatment. 
4. The National Unity Government must insure shelter for those women who release from prisons after court hearing and remain pendent in shelter houses. 
5. The National Unity Government must develop a comprehensive mechanism to support women economy and those girls begging on the streets and could be abused. 
6. The National Unity Government must enforce the law elimination of violence against women as special law in the community due to vulnerable situation of women. 
7. We want from the National Unity Government to implement the developed policies for improvement and women’s access to justice. 
8. We demand the judicial and law enforcement agencies to seriously pursuit the violence against women cases and their reporting. 
9. We demand our brave nation to stand together for defending women’s rights and consider them-selves accountable. 
10. We demand from are the representative of the community members to reflect and aware the public about elimination of violence against women and fulfill their due tasks.