Afghan Women's Network

Afghan Women's Network

STOP anti Women Campaigns and Suppressing Women Leadership

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Afghan Women are following a longer journey of struggle in this country. While we appreciate the government of Afghanistan for not only trusting women for higher position in cabinet but appointing women in foreign services as ambassadors, councilor and high rank diplomats. We urge government to support these women for the reform process they are pursuing in their office for greater transparency, flourishing relation with both host and local community in foreign countries. These women need supportive and friendly work environment that is based on professionalism and respect to women leadership rather than holding personal grudges or ethno-political biases against them which are against any professional ethics. 
We consider Channel One and Tolo tv report, using a internal correspondence which is considered baseless by MoFA as base of report to justify disqualification of seasoned politician, women rights activist Ms.Karokhail who has background of wining people vote and trust of constituency, serving two terms in Walusi Jirga (Parliament) is actually a personal attack on women leaders and is not depicting media impartiality respect to ethics of balanced and sensitive reporting and independent journalism in any definition. 
While Afghan women have demonstrated their ability, management and professionalism in work, often women leaders, women bold work for safety of women such as shelter homes are repeatedly misrepresented through biased and ill-informed reports. AWN has previously called on TOLO and other channels to respect media ethics and sensitivity of women work in Afghanistan. We once again urge all channels to respect personal integrity of women leader and have full investigation before jumping to make special report while under reporting much more important information such as the cases of domestic violence in Afghan foreign services community abroad, sexual harassment and other corrupt practices which is consider crime at home are not given even necessary attention by media. 
We urge government of Afghanistan to support women with enabling environment professional team whose interest is tied with national interest rather than personal career development or creating conspiracy against women mates in office abroad and in civil services in Afghanistan. Such conspiracy which aims women suppression should be seriously reviewed and culprit have to be questioned for their behavior to avoid future conspiracy against women in decision making.