Afghan Women's Network

Afghan Women's Network

Open Letter in Support of Shinkai Karokhail

We demand the Government’s support of Women Leaders!

We women in non-government and governmental organizations struggle for the betterment of situation in the country on everyday bases. We urge National Unity Government’s firm action in support of women in leading roles and services in or outside the country.

We like to express our appreciation of the efforts of His Excellency President Ashraf Ghani and Excellency Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah for their recognition of women role and placement of women in Key decision making position since the beginning of the National Unity Government.   


However, we women are witnessing ongoing challenges and systematic and organized conspiracies against women leaders in offices. As a result of such actions women have been faced with organizational and administrative problems. A lack of full support of the National Unity Government to these women has resulted in women leaders’ isolation, quitting the field and even leaving the country. These serious troubles against the leading women have now been changed into an overall campaign where the media and social media publish fake and demeaning news and reports against them and do not take the responsibility for the consequences of publishing such stories.

One such example is the ignoring and unfair treatment of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the prominent woman leader and Afghanistan Ambassador to Canada Ms. Shinkai Karokhail. We would like to share the following violations with false accusations and unfair treatment of Ms. Karokhil has received with the leaders and the National Unity Government and leading officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

1-  For the past seven months, the female ambassador has been busy with the restructuring of the systems in the Afghanistan embassy where the proof of all these developments has been shared with a number of women. These reforms and restructuring have challenged the personal interest of number of individuals occupying diplomatic posts within the embassy. The efforts of Ms. Ambassador to renovate the crumbling building and establishing greater transparency and accountability in the services and work of the embassy. Unfortunately, these efforts of Ms. Karokhail is being questioned and misinterpreted by a number of individuals who have tried to undermine a female ambassador and leader through social media. 

2-  The ambassadors have the authority to employ or dismiss the local employees of embassies. This is an exercise and authority male diplomats practices any where else. Unfortunately, a female diplomat is accused of hiring her own secretary and expelling of Miss Setara Sharif a local (Canadian) employee. Whereas these allegations are not true Ms. Sharif employment contract has not been terminated but completed almost twenties of her maternity leave.

3-  According to the criminal laws of the country, sharing and publishing internal official government letters outside the relevant offices is considered crime. The letter of the Afghan embassy in Canada has been shared with the media after being stamped by the Foreign Minister Office is questionable. We are disappointed on silent of Ministry of Foreign Affairs in relation to the release of such confidential letter to the media.

4-  The Ministry of Foreign Affairs so far has not shown serious attention to this situation. This ministry has neither issued a statement nor has announced any role for resolving the conflicting situation. Whereas this situation has been repeatedly shared through media it has been one-sided which shows lack of political will within the ministry to support a female ambassador. Now that both Ambassador and Deputy Ambassador are called to Kabul for investigation of the situation, serious attention of MoFA to investigate on how a confidential letter was shared with the media must be made a priority. Further management and coordination with Ms. Ambassador could resolve the situation in a more professional manner. 


His Excellency the President and His Excellency the Chief Executive,

We women demand and expect both leaders of the National Unity Government   to condemn   organized conspiracies against the women leaders within government ministries. We call on NUG to expel the conspirators from the government institutions in order to give a lesson to those who trying to weaken women’s positions or consider women as a threat to their personal interests. We demand serious enquiry to release of confidential government documents or faking up of such document. And prosecute them in order to ensure the national interest and national security of the country is not put in danger in the future.




Rangina Kargar                      Member of Parliament

Rangina Hamidi                      Women’s Rights Activist

Suraya Subhrang                    Commissioner- Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission

Malalai Osmani                       Women’s Rights Activist

Suraya Pakzad                       Executive Director- Voice of Women

Wazhma Frogh                       Executive Director- Women, Peace and Security Organization

Samira Hamidi                        Founder- Women Knowledge and Leadership Organization

Maryam Zurmati                     governmental employee

Asila Wardak                           Diplomat 

Nooria Hamasa                       AWN focal point for Jawzjan province

Hasina Safi                             Executive Director- Afghan Women’s Network

Mary Akrami                           Executive Director- Afghan Women Skills Development Center

Roshan Sirran                         Executive Director- THRA

Shamsia Sharifi                      Executive director HPWO

Karima Rahimyar                    Executive director AWEVSO

Jamila Safi                              Executive director ACDO

Sonia Aslami                           women’s rights activist

Hawa Alam Nooristan             Commissioner- AIHRC

Homaira Haqmal                      commissioner - IECC

Zarqa Yaftali                           Executive Director- Women and Children Legal Research Foundation

Fahima                                     AWN FP Kandahar province

Shahla Farid                           Lecturer- Kabul University

Sediqa Balkhi                          Member of Mishrano Jirga

Humaira Saqib                        Executive Director- Women News Agency

Habiba Wahaj                         Advisor- Vice President

Anisa Nabiyar                          women rights activist

Maryam Rahmani                   Executive Director- Afghan Women Resource Center

Palwasha Hassan                   Executive Director- Afghan Women Education Center

Frishta Karimi                         Executive Director- Da Qanon Ghushtonki

Frozan Mashal                        Executive director Path

Anisa Safi Sadat                     women rights activist

Zuhra Sadat                            women rights activist

Khatera Siddiqi                        women rights activist

Orzala Ashraf                          Executive Director- AREU

Khurshid Noori                        Deputy Director- Afghan Women Skills Development Center

Amina Mayar                          journalist

Lima Anwari                            civic activist

Aqila                                        AWN F-P Dikundi

Husna                                      AWN F-P Helmand

Fawzia                                     AWN FP-Zabul

Nafisa Rohin                           AWN F-P Balkh

Razia                                       AWNF-P Takhar

Simin                                       AWNF-P Takhar

Sabzina                                   AWNF-P Badakhshan

Fatima Sosan                          AWNF-P Kunduz

Ziba                                         AWNF-P Khost

Najiba Sadat                           AWN F-P Logar

Hawa                                       AWNF-P Paktia

Fayza                                      AWN F-P Farah

Noor Bibi                                 AWN F-P Ghoor

Latifa Faqirzada                      Advocator

Zarghuna                                 AWN Provincial Manager 

Arzoo                                       AWN F-P Kunar

Latifa Azimi                             AWN Member

Gul Ghotai Shinwari                AWN Member

Zuhra Sarwari                         AWN Member

Muqadisa Atalwala                  women rights advocator

Massoma Rahimi                    AWN provincial manager

Robina Hamdard                     Advocator

Adila Amarkhail                       Advocator

Arezo Ehsan                            women rights activist

Roshan Mashal                       women rights activist

Lailuma Latif                            women rights activist

Amina Ghafoori                       AWN F-P Kunduz

Sughra Bahai                          AWN Provincial manager

Hossai Qani                            women rights activist

Palwasha Yousufzai               women rights activist

Tamana Ahmadi                     women rights activist

Storai Tapish                           women rights activist

Wazhmaki Popal                     women rights defender

Meena Fakher                         women rights activist

Neelab Nooran                         women rights activist

Brishna Abdul Rahimzai           women rights activist

Qudsia                                      women rights activist

Fatima                                      women rights activist

Shekiba                                    women rights activist

Razia Akbari                            women rights activist

Shakila Mawladizada              AWN F-P Samangan

Anisa Neekzad                        AWN Provincial manager

Nadia                                       AWN F-P Kunar

Benazir Amini                          AWN F-P Bamian

Toorpikai Ghairat                    Advocator

Nargis Nehan                          Acting Minister- Ministry of Mine and Petroleum

Gulalai Noor Safi                    Member- Parliament

Karima Hedayat                       women rights activist

Manizha Paktin                        women rights activist

Ghotai Sahibian                        women rights activist

Nabila Musleh                         Deputy Minister- Ministry of Women’s Affairs

Nilofar Ibrahimi                        Member- Parliament

Manizha wafieq                       women rights activist

Sajia Bahgam                        Advisor at CEO

Marzia Babakarkhil                Womein rights activist