Afghan Women's Network

Afghan Women's Network

Press Release in connection with recent terrorist attacks

Afghan Women's Network and Human Rights Defenders

Issue No: 64

Kabul Afghanistan


The Recent terrorist attacks, Particularly the attack on Intercontinental Hotel, indicates that country civilians are not secured and protected. This attack, which was carried out ruthlessly like other attacks, is in contravention of all human rights standards.


Afghan Women's Network, Civil Society Activists and Human Rights Defenders are deeply concerns from threats and targeting of innocent people and denounce and condemn the attack on intercontinental hotel, killing of civilians, especially women and youths are by no means justified.

The attack on all humanity and civilians is unacceptable under international humanitarian law and is considered a war crime.


AWN and Human Rights Defenders Demands from Government to:

  • Identify the organizer, perpetrators and supporters of the Intercontinental Hotel attacks, and do convict and prosecute them in court accordance with the laws of the country.
  • According to the law, the personal and financial protection of citizens are sold responsibilities of the government, the government must take practical and effective measures to protect civilians
  • For the sake of transparency, accountability, and follow-up, we want membership of competent civil society and women’s representatives in the truth-finding commissions.
  • We call on security officials to intensify their security measures by preventing such incidents by the time of first and basic information receive them.
  • Since victims of alike attacks are civilians, which beside casualties, suffered huge financial damages, therefor government should take proper measures to compensate their financial damages.  
  • People, those are committing neglect in duties should be prosecuted.

Finally, Afghan women’s Network and Human Rights Defenders urges great patience for Survivors of Martyrs and wish soonest health for wounds of this tragic event



Afghan Women’s Network