Afghan Women's Network

Afghan Women's Network

In relation with the announcement of the proposed members of the cabinet of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Kabul – Afghanistan                                                        

Sequence No: 2

It is with great pleasure that despite a prolonged delay the cabinet of the National Unity Government has eventually been announced. Afghan Women’s Network is optimistic about the announcement of the cabinet and thus expects that the nominees play a significant role in ensuring security, stability and social prosperity throughout the country. In spite of the hardships and disorder that our people confront with, we are hopeful that the National Unity Government takes all the necessary action to resolve the problems.

We expected that you would increase the share of women ministers to four in the proposed cabinet as pledged; however, this promise has not been fulfilled. 

As you are aware women comprise half of our society and as such they should have a fair and equal share in the government of the country while they deal with various problems at the society.  Therefore, in order to alleviate and decrease their problems and take action in the realization of their rights, it is necessary to increase their share in the government as it can contribute to decrease the level of violence against women. Taking into consideration what has been mentioned, we hope that office of the president of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan does not forget the share of women in the judiciary, attorney general’s office, and independent directorates and other administrations so as to take effective steps in enhancing political participation of women in the government.