Afghan Women's Network

Afghan Women's Network

Press Release (case of Farkhunda )

Dated: 20 March 2015

Kabul Afghanistan

Serial no: (6)


As all know  that the modern world has been in an effort to observe humanitarian rights by each passing day and to have an enforced law in all societies, because the only better way of living is to ensure social and public order and discipline in which the bases are justice and equality. But the predicament in our society is the lack of humanitarian values and its observance in which lack of immunity and discipline circles on every individual in the society. Law determines in every community that who is guilty and who is free. What crime deserves punishment and who determines punishment, and who should carry it out…. But the worse form of murder case of Farkhunda in public, being mentally disable, being murdered by common people, where does it exist in our laws? But having sane and intention are not the conditions of the crime?  Does lack of sane and intention affect  the activities of a person or not? The source of demanding rights are tribunal and presence of judge or it common people? There are several questions with regards to the case, and the authorities are responsible to approach these questions. We, the organizations advocating women rights, calling for an urgent and immediate step towards the case. We also solicit:

  1. To identify the perpetrators of such a horrible crime.
  2. Harsh punishment to the criminals.
  3. Court proceedings and their punishment should be opened to become a lesson for others.

Afghan Women Network (AWN) will pursue this case with family of the victim, Farkhunda.

Hoping for the serious attention of the relevant authorities in this regard

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