Afghan Women's Network

Afghan Women's Network

AWN statement on Peace Day

Afghan sisters!

Let’s play our decisive role in ensuring peace in the country!

Afghan Women Network congratulates all peace loving Afghans and citizens of the world, on the occasion of the international Peace Day, and offers the following message on this blessed day:
Today, on September 21st, we celebrate World Peace Day in Afghanistan, at a time in our history, when few Afghans including men, women, youth, and children are entering the stability of a peaceful Afghanistan and are experiencing the phenomenon of Peace. It is merely a distant hope and ambition.

Over the years there has been a lot of discussions about the peace in the world and in Afghanistan, councils have been established, various committees, groups and associations, who carry out their programs and activities.

Like them, Afghan Women Network and other social entities have invested considerable efforts for improving the culture of peace, partnership of women in peace processes, collaboration in drafting a declaration / manifesto of the UN security council, giving awareness via media and conducting training workshops, building women’s capacity for participating in peace processes, organizing and establishing women peace councils in the provinces, pleading for justice in order to enable women to participate in regional peace discussions, and celebrating and honoring the international Peace Day. Despite all these efforts, Peace is still merely a word on the people’s tongues.
Now, it is our responsibility to think, what role we can play in order to ensure peace translates into a living reality. Is it enough to shout slogans of “We want peace”. Or “Peace is our need” – and then sit relaxed?

We all have the responsibility to commence from our families, our communities, and ourselves and strive hand in hand to play, our role to fulfill this immense responsibility.
Afghan Women Network addresses to all Strong and brave women of the Nation:
Silence is not golden anymore. You must reach out and take your rights; you have to represent your own rights, so that your fathers, brothers, sisters, and children, do not have to suffer the outcomes of war anymore, or regret or yearn for peace. You must take control of your lives, so that you may help others. Only if you know yourselves first, and find yourselves in this role, can you truly fulfill your role of a brave and empowered Afghan woman.
Peace is yours, but you must reach out and claim it. Start from your families, your children, and take it into the society and government. Know that you are half the population of this country; you are not weak, so do not consider yourselves weak. Join hands today for ensuring peace in our country and in the world.

Afghan women urge the government of Afghanistan to finalize Afghanistan National Action Plan for Security Council Resolution 1325, with very specific monitoring mechanisms and measures, in order to see the result and the impact in the lives of Afghan women and their participation in peace processes; we are no longer content with a symbolic presence in these processes.
Afghan women hold the peace council of the country accountable and responsible for ensuring transparency and genuineness of the peace efforts.
Afghan women urge for justice and judicial entities give undivided attention to ensuring justice for victims of violence, in particular of war criminals.
Afghan women ask the Ulama (religious scholars) to fulfill their responsibility by preaching the Quranic injunctions relating to peace in order to ensure peace.
Afghan women urge the international community to their continuous financial support to the government and women of Afghanistan, in the implementation of Security Council Resolution1325, in order to assist them in the peace-building processes.
At the end, Afghan Women Network urges and encourages Afghan women to actively participate in the peace building processes.