Afghan Women's Network

Afghan Women's Network

Civil Society Open Letter

We member of Afghan civil Society and the Afghan population, are presenting our condolences to the friends and family members of those who lost their precious lives in the horrifying incident of 9/11. We fully share the sorrow and pain you went/are going through and no one can feel it better than the Afghans who are losing a loved one or a family member each day. Unfortunately, each day Afghans are going through the same terror of 9/11 and we strongly believe that standing by each other, we are much stronger in giving each other a crying shoulder.

After this heartbreaking incident, the world with leadership from United States realized the problems that Afghans were going through and started the global war against terror and assisting Afghans to rebuild their country and obtain their basic rights. Based on our new constitution, today the state institutes are shaping to provide basic services for citizen, more than six million children are going to school, women who were deprived of their basic human rights and were stoned to death, are now engaged  in  development process of  country  as  politicians, entrepreneurs,  activists, academia  and human right defenders. For the first time in the country history, Afghans connected to the world through several free TV and radio channels. When almost the entire country was deprived of power and waters and living in complete darkness, Afghans are now beginning to access safe drinking water and electricity.

Nevertheless, we still have a long way to go.   Despite all the achievements, Afghanistan is still one of the most top rated countries of the world in terms of corruption, maternal and infant mortality, and above all the war zone  for the on-going internal and external conflicts.    Still the mothers are not expecting their children to return home safely; women are still the victims of the violence committed by families and communities. Afghan are still feeling the fear that the warlord are still in power and by the passage  of  time  they  become  stronger  which  is  a  serious  threats  for  human  rights,  justice  and democracy ,   and still they are miss using the government giving full support for local insurgencies and    fight among each other for obtaining power and control - exactly like years before 9/11.

We are confident that neither the Americans nor Afghans would want the current developments and efforts  to  go  in  vain.  We  therefore  highly  recommend  that  the  United  States  still  continue  this partnership and does not leave Afghanistan to be used as a hub by terrorist and extremists who are not the main enemies of the people of America and humanity in general. We as members of that Afghan society  believe  that withdrawal of  foreign  troops  before  strengthening  and  equipping  of  Afghan security forces, the three branches of the government and civil society will not only challenge the
achievements and current development process, but will also encourage regional interventions fueling insurgencies costing more lives of not only Afghan but also many around the world.   Our message is
clear - Lets no leave in 2014 and return in 2020 to fight those who may have organized many other incidents such 9/11.

We strongly believe that Americans will not forget us and will encourage their policy makers and government for sustaining this partnership, not matter how much it is being challenged by internal and external players! In peace and Solidarity

Kabul,10th September 2011

Afghanistan Civil Society Organizations  Coordination committee