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The Civil Society Organizations Press Release on Paghman Gang Rape

The Civil Society Organizations Press Release on Paghman Gang Rape which four women members of a family were rapped and looted
As you know on Friday night the vehicle of a family which were returning from a wedding party were stopped in Deh e Araban by gun men members in police uniform reportedly had tied the hands and legs of the men members of the family, deprived passengers of their valuables and sexually abused four women.
Reports say these four women were transferred to one of the Kabul hospitals but, the families of them did not want the case to be disclosed and as a result took the women home from the hospitals. The authorities of the hospital approve the reports but are not ready to appear on TVs about this issue.
The Afghan Women Network strongly condom the brutal act of the gang group in police uniform and based on the reports they have been more than 10 gangs.
It is worth mentioning that one of these rapped women died on August 31, 2014 at 12 midnight.
Fortunately, 7 members of the suspects have been captured by police and some of them have escaped and police is in search of them. Based on this, The Civil society organizations had an urgent meeting on condemning this shocking act; It has already started its advocacy and will follow up the case seriously.
The Afghans expected the Afghan Olelma Council to strongly condemn this act according to Sharia, but they have kept silence although several days have passed from the shocking incident and sadly they have done nothing yet.
The Civil Society Organizations urgently asks from the Afghan Supreme Court not to have the least mercy to the rapists and punish them harshly (to be hanged up).

We strongly want from the Commission of Implementing the Presidential decrees to except them from amnesty decrees and ask the Judicial Branch to monitor the performance of the mentioned commission strictly to prevent the release of such criminals before their jail term is complete.
We strongly request from the Afghan Olema Council as the flag bearers of Islam in Afghanistan to robustly condemn the act of the alleged gang group based on Islamic teachings and the hadiths of the Holy Prophet of Islam. As you know our holy prophet was very sensitive about the honor of the people and has said: “My father Abraham was very brave and I am braver than him to protect the honor of the people. May Allah belittle the one who is passive about the honor of the people”. We expect the religious Olema show their strong opposition to such people through Media, TVs, Radios, Mosques and other social communication means and support the Civil society Organizations, the Government and the Judicial Branch to punish these criminals. We would like to thank the Afghan security forces and especially Kabul police chief Gen. Zahir and in general the Ministry of Interior Affairs the efforts to capture these criminals.