Afghan Women's Network

Afghan Women's Network

Declaration of the Afghan Women's Network in relation to employment of four women minsters in the cabinet of National Unity Government

Kabul Afghanistan  


The Afghan Women's Network congratulates the employment of four women minsters in formation of National Unity Government cabinet to all concerned authorities; in particular admires casting confidence votes to nominated minsters by members of Parliament.  The Afghan Women's Network with continues advocacy campaigns in the first and second rounds of presidential elections and after the formation of National Unity Government plead for participation of women in cabinet of Afghanistan. Afghan Women's Network, recently conducted coordination meeting between the four nominated women ministers, former female ministers, female members of  both upper and lower houses, civil society women activists and members of the network to review  their programs. The roles of four women ministers in key ministries (Ministry of Labor, Social Martyred and Disables, Ministry of Counters Narcotics, Ministry of Higher Education and Women’s Affairs) are very responsive and important. The Afghan Women's Network seeks to strengthen gender equality, capacity building, delegation of right people to the right job and increasing role of women in decision making levels in all ministries, in particular four ministries which are leading by four women ministers. As candidates minsters before receiving the confidence votes from parliament had explained their future plans - improving the status of women is considered on the top of their priorities; establishment and development of coordination environment between government and non-governmental institutions considered as a commitment in their working plans and we will be in anticipation of implementation of the aforementioned programs by respected minsters.

The Afghan Women's Network is ready for any kind of cooperation, coordination and mobilization in order to promote the role of women in the relevant ministries. And also, the role and functions of ministers, their plans and commitments continuously will be followed with them.


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