Afghan Women's Network

Afghan Women's Network

Views of the CSOs in relation to the obvious court proceedings of martyred Farkhunda

Kabul Afghanistan

Afghan civil society activists and organizations; as we have repeatedly insisted, calling for a thorough investigation and fair trial of accused of Farkhunda’s murder. Although self-court is a source of hope for the Afghan people, but in the way of holding court meetings, unfortunately we have witnessed the concerning issues; and lack of urgent addressing of the issues; will harm the transparency and justice of the court.

  1. Serious negligence of charges against security officials in Kabul and default in their duty performances is our concern. Although the arrest of 19 policemen in this case can help to answer the security forces failure in relation to their duty defaults, but the court shall not neglect the default and negligence of senior security officials in Kabul. In addition to those arrested, senior security officials in Kabul should be considered equally accountable.
  2. Though we welcome the security forces efforts in arresting 49 perpetrators accused to the case, but we believe that justice will not be executed until all the accused persons are not arrested and appeared before the court. We strongly demand the attention of the security forces to arrest those persons in connection with cases of Farkhunda’s murder who are still in run.
  3. Since one of the conditions of a fair court is the presence of a defense lawyer; and meanwhile, in accordance with the Criminal Code; offense of criminal charged with more than 5 years should have the privilege and the right of having a defense lawyer. Because, we believe that the attorneys in this case, can provide the groundwork for greater transparency to the court.
  4. Although according to the Criminal Code, no one is allowed to carry weapon during the court meeting, but on the court we have witnessed the presence of gunmen in the courtroom. We are seriously demanding the judicial authorities to urgently address these outrages.

At the end, once again we are insisting that we want justice for Farkhunda; and this justice will not be secured as long as the court does not provide sufficient transparency and does professional proceedings in this regard. It is also note mentioning that, Afghan citizens and civil society activists carefully follow the court and insist that any negligence in giving justice to Farkhunda will not be hidden from our eyes.