Afghan Women's Network

Afghan Women's Network

Press statement in relation to the martyrdom of the active women of EVAW attorney office due recent suicide attack in Kabul

Serial No: (13)

Afghan Women's Network strongly condemns the recent events of yesterday’s suicide attack dated 1394/2/21 on prosecution officials vehicle in Kabul which caused a large number of death and injuries of people, especially the active women attorneys, and we demand the heads of national unity government to take the serious position before the mentioned issues and it’s perpetrators.

We believe that serious performance of the security forces and people’s collaboration can be a good solution to improve the security situation in the country.

In keeping with the abovementioned issues, we demand the immediate attention of the National unity government and the opposition on the followings:

1.       Special attention to the overall security of Afghan women and girls

2.      Identifying the causes of why attorneys have been targeting consecutively

3.      Identifying the recent causes of recent suicide attacks increased in the country

4.      Taking serious position of the government before the opposition and identifying proper solutions to improve the security situation in the country.

5.      Taking serious position by religious scholars to condemn suicide attacks

Finally, once again this should be asked from all factions and groups involved in the conflicts in the country, especially from those who pretend themselves Afghan and Muslim and claims dignity and honour, is this your Afghan beings and Muslim beings ;that Afghan women and girls fall naked on the roads due to the abnormal events?

For once, thought about your own wives, mothers and sisters, whether you're happy to be in the same situation, if you are Muslims; in general, in terms of culture and Islamic education these afghan women and girls are your sisters.  Therefore, the patience of the afghan women and girls due seeing the unfair and shameful deeds you have been doing before the humanity and humans is over. We are demanding all involved parties to do not cause the misery to their compatriots in particular women and children, do not target women and children as a means to pressure the government, whereas, obey your always vision (national pride are women) in your lives till women shall not be killed innocently.

In anticipation of a peaceful Afghanistan to all of us