Afghan Women's Network

Afghan Women's Network

Afghan Women's Network press release in connection with the brutal rape and murder of a three years old Afghan boy

22-Saratan-1394 is equal to 13th July 2015

Kabul - Afghanistan

The Afghan Women’s Network strongly condemn the brutal rape and murder of a three years old Afghan boy named “Yonus”, who had been kidnapped a few days ago and the day before his body was found in eight district of Kabul city, and considers the police irresponsibility and job negligence in relation to the kidnap as a source of regret; meanwhile, demanding the government of national unity to pursue the perpetrators of this heinous case and give them a hard punishment – demands the Islamic scholars council to take a serious position in this regard. Violence against afghan children particularly against a three years old child in this holy month is in contrary with Islam and humanity.

Recent, events of sexual violence against women and children in the country and murdering them is a big concern for all layers of society, particularly for afghan women.

The AWN genuinely believes that the Islamic scholars’ council which is a high ranked reputed source for the people of Afghanistan could happen productive in providing awareness & pushing  this sever phenomena.   And also, the culture of endowment from punishment, lack of law enforcement on the crime perpetrators, negligence of the government and poor knowledge of Islamic knowledge and principles causes violence’s, particularly sexual violence’s by perpetrators. 

In keeping with the aforementioned points, we demand the serious attention of the National Unity Government officials on the followings:

  • A clear position and serious action of the government against the perpetrators of heinous murder of a three years old boy “Yonus”.
  • Being responsiveness of the Islamic scholars council before this cases and other violence cases
  • Serious attention and responsiveness of police force for arresting the vicious perpetrators of the crime and investigating the causes 
  • Sever punishment for the perpetrators of the crime to be an example for others
  • Providing awareness and implementation of appropriate programmes of the government and non-government sectors to reduce violence against women and children