Afghan Women's Network

Afghan Women's Network

Press Release

Kabul, Afghanistan
No. (19)
We, as Afghan civil society organizations call for a thorough investigation and fair trial of those accused of the murder of martyr Farkhunda. We have observed, the case review of Farkhunda from its early stage by judicial organs, and believe the case has passed the process without adhering to the law. This state of affairs is not acceptable to her family members, civil society activists, and the people of Afghanistan. We expected the Supreme Court to mete out justice, but even after eight months, the unfair practices of the legal system and violations of law in connection the case of martyr Farkhunda has not resulted in any fair outcome.
The expiration of Farkhunda’s case legal period in the Supreme Court is a source of concern for the case advocators. Negligence in addressing on one hand is public concerns and in the other hand creates challenges for securement of Justice to martyred Farkhunda.
Civil society organizations have put sustained pressure on legal institutions for ensuring justice in the case of martyr Farkhunda. They have released declarations, organized conferences, held meetings with authorities, set up meetings and hired five lawyers for the family of martyr Farkhunda.
Civil society strongly condemns the negligence in relation to Farkhunda’s case and demand that the following actions be taken:
• The Supreme Court must investigate the legal criterion used to work on Farkhunda’s case and revert the decisions already taken regarding those responsible.
• Follow up on the objections of Farkhunda case lawyers after a thorough review of the case and take them into consideration when making their decision
• The court should announce their decision in public proceedings, in the presence of the parties, lawyers, media and civil society organizations
The above points are the only way to ensure fair judgment in Farkhunda’s case.
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