Afghan Women's Network

Afghan Women's Network

Press release in protest against the failure of introducing a woman to the Supreme Court

S/N “21” 

Kabul, Afghanistan

Afghan civil society, especially advocating organizations for women's leadership and participation has strived for many years to appoint at least one woman judge in the Supreme Court high Council. Introducing of Ms. Anisa Rasoly by the National Unity Government for membership in Supreme Court was effective steps to improve the situation of women in the judicial sector and also improve valuable services to them. But as she failed to obtain votes of confidence from parliament, therefore we civil society will continue to advocate in this regard and want to introduce another woman for this position. As to the commitments of the President, Chief Executive Officer and office of the First Lady we were expecting on their positive performance for the share of women in the judiciary Sector.

But we have learned unexpectedly of all with regret that the president introduced a person from male for this post which had been allocated for women. This action of him was losing the confidence of women on the heads of government’s commitments in one hand, and another it’s prove lack of their support holistically in the context of women’s leadership and justice implementation.

It’s while that there is qualified and experimental women in these areas which are more qualified in relevant affairs. They should be provided an opportunity to services particularly for women to have access to justice.

Specific recommendations for the Heads of National Unity Government:

  • To care and consider the importance and fundamental of a woman involvement in Supreme Court.
  • Another judge from woman should be introduced for membership of Supreme Court’s High Council.
  • They should always stand on their commitments.
  • Have a serious attention in the area of fundamental rights and the active participation of women in all fields, especially access to the justice.