Afghan Women's Network

Afghan Women's Network

Afghan Women Again victimized of violence

S.No: 23
Unfortunately, every day the Afghanistan news headlines made from violence against women, women have always been victims of violence and have deplorable living, And no immunity to protect the lives of women, especially women who are professional and do work.The government has also not taken any effective steps against this significant challenge, unfortunately, once again a lady named Lyza Akbari who was Afghan original - America's citizen brutally killed in the area of kart-e-Char of Kabul City, it is said that this lady was working as researcher with US Army and an office by the name of world-vision from 2009.
Afghan Women's Network has seriously condemned the murder of Ms. Akbari and writes that this is not the first case of killing of women in Afghanistan, Kabul City as the country capital day by day lose social protection for women, these kind of events without prosecution, arresting of the perpetrators and failure to implement the justice become cause of reducing the actively presence of women in all fields.

On this way Afghan women network wants the following recommendation from relevant authorities 
Afghan Women’s Recommendations 
- Serious investigation and prosecution of this cases
- Serious consideration of the justice organs to ensure justice for women
- Ensure social protection of citizen specially women