Afghan Women's Network

Afghan Women's Network

In relation to the political and social situation of women

S/No: (24)
Dec 28, 2015
In Political and Social history of Afghanistan and in different period of time women was witnesses of challenges, deficiencies, and violence relevant actions. This is while Afghan women always support men shoulder by shoulder in political, social economic, cultural and legal areas, and had considerable achievements along with. Despite women were not directly involve in war groups but with that also women and men had common interests and losses in peace and war.
But we, at this crucial point, in one hand as per the commitments of the heads of the national unity government, Women demands progress in all areas. And in another hand they have tried to not convince on these few progress and achievements and should continue of their struggles on this way.
But unfortunately, despite the ability of women, the promises from the heads of NUG are forgotten and the little actions has also had declining direction and The government brought majority of women's achievements in challenge. The removal of the governor of Ghor, failure of introducing a woman for membership of the Supreme Court, Conducting field courts which led to the stoning and whipping of women illegally and unlawful, forced self-burning, honor killings, etc., etc. All are the examples that we women are concerned about.
In addition, this process of women’s quota declining, result to the weakens of the republic and democracy systems, because one of the three a branch of the government (Supreme court’s high Council) is currently practically is lacking of representing half the population . The presence of women in high-ranking posts is much lower with commitment of the government of Afghanistan, in accordance with the constitution and national development programs. Also, creating opportunities for women is effective in changing of political culture and social practices against women. However the society now, accepted the quota for women in the National Assembly as a common practice and has not objected to it, thus depriving of women and the marginalization of women from high governmental posts, facilitate the cause of strengthen the culture of misogyny and undermine the rights of women. Therefore we the Afghan Women’s network, express concern about the current situation of women's rights and the declining share of women in higher posts and decision-making level of the government and demands as the following. 
- From the government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, the president and Chief executive Director wants base on their written commitments .
- The Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, President and Chief Executive Director, in accordance with their written commitments in securing the women's rights is crucial to more opportunities provide for women in the government high level positions at national and local levels, and by introducing and or the ordination of women as ministers, deputy governor, Director and ambassador and other key positions, implement their obligation in practice. Introduction of women in these positions at less ensure the representation of women in governmental bodies and prepare share for the representatives of women. Both the Excellences can fulfill their obligations with ensuring fundamentally the representatives for women . 
- From the President is requesting that with reducing the share of women in Supreme court high council to work towards reducing the proportion of women on the Supreme Council of the Judiciary and the province is not negligible and by the introduction of qualified and able women, empower and restore women’s share .
- The Afghan National Assembly is requesting, that during the confidence voting to candidates for key positions in the country, the share of women consider, particularly ensure the presence of a female judge in the Supreme Court by providing confidence votes.

- The Afghan judiciary sector is requesting that with introducing a female judge in the Supreme Court, full fill, the vacant position of representative of women in one of the three forces of the country.
- From the government of Afghanistan wants that the women right priorities should not be count as second-class and the women rights should not be sacrifice of other interests such as engaging with issue of security and stability . 
From International Community and United Nations:
Elimination of discrimination, promotion of women's rights in Afghanistan and to ensure women's representation quota are the goals and missions that NATO and donor countries to Afghanistan and the United Nations are committed to them. So, as has been established within the framework of mutual cooperation Tokyo, we expect the international community to meet its commitments and the obligations of Afghan government should not forget, and more seriously further monitor women’s rights in all areas and continue the conditions within mentioned framework.

In the hope of equality, justice and security in our beloved country Afghanistan