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Afghan Women's Network

Press Release about One Billion Rising Justice for Farkhunda is Justice for All

S/N: (27)

Date:  14/02/2016

Kabul, Afghanistan

One Billion rising for violence against Women is a global movement; women and man stood for all forms of discrimination against women and defend all their rights. Afghan Women’s Network from its start joint with OBR and each year celebrate it widely with support of its member organizations in all over the country. This time, the decision has been taken with consultation of AWN’s members and women rights activists that in rising for 2016, Demand for changes in judicial and legislative system for accessing of Martyr Farkhunda’s Case, which brought whole world in mourning.

Dear compatriots, its past more than one decade to established a New regime in Afghanistan, the regime which established with aim of society based with Islamic values, democracy and Human rights, where the Afghan women get their human dignity and get free from the clutches of years oppression and have social role of equal respect in society.  

In the past one decade we have tried to steps on the way that humans based on religious and humanitarian laws regardless of race, language, religion and gender, have equal rights with each other. We support government and international organizations in this period approved many laws for protecting relevant rights but violated for all citizens, especially women. We joint with international treaties on the relevant rights of women, but in practice we could not able to relieve the suffering of Afghan women.

In addition to women's achievements in this territory that cannot continue regardless the forms of violence based on respect, dignity, their human dignity. Today women in this country are able to do for which it trained, and they have interest of enterprising regardless of harassment and exploitation, according to the subjective rules of the country. Currently Afghan women cannot beneficiate from their legal legitimate rights.

At this time the odious phenomenon that has always been plagued Afghan Society, is those varied kind of violence, especially these hateful phenomena much more have been plagued to Afghan girls and Women in our society. This phenomenon initiate in Afghanistan based on various reasons, as bitter historical reality and with regret every day women and girls are victimizing of the different form of violence. With regard to this issue Afghan Women’s Network Joint with OBR from 2013 to combat for violence against women and every year at 14 February celebrate and remember from this day, to remind the senior ranked people, to further not victimize their mothers, wives, daughters because of their impure desires .

This year we are going to welcome this day while, unfortunate deplorable incidents of violence have been taken, and still take the sweet soul of our daughter and mothers. In the early days of current year which is about to end, Martyr Farkhuda killed in few meters of presidential palace, Rohkshana has been stoned in Ghor Provinces, and the small  Tabasom has been beheaded in Zabul provinces and Many other incident which have reached to media and have passed off side.    

Mean question is, that what have government done, in pursue of these all violence cases especially case of Martyr Farkhonda ?

The tragic violence incident of Martyr Farkhunda in central of capital in front of police shows the government still not feels the need and seriousness for combating violence against women, no steps have been taken to ensure implementation of justice for this case, despite of continue efforts from civil society organization, defender lawyer for the case and the promises from head of judiciary force. likewise other numerous such cases occur every day around the country, which news is published, but we have never saw the publication of news dealing with the perpetrators of this violence. In the most serious case government publishes statement for condemning the incident and satisfied with promise to deal with such cases, Promises that their fate is nothing but oblivion.

Recommendation of the Afghan Women’s Network:

  • Serious and legally approach to Farkhuna and many other violence cases.
  • Implementation of justice for Farkhunda and many other Farkhundas.
  • Further access of women to justice from Judicial and legislative organs
  • Creating a particular mechanism for accessing to violence cases in governmental braches.
  • Establishing of the observation committee for study and process of violence case under supervisor of the supreme court with coordination of Ministry of Justice and Ministry of women Affair.
  • Establishing a special court of violence against women
  • Identifying publication of violence perpetrators either they are in the structure of government or out of that.
  • Arresting and publically prosecuting the perpetrators and supporter of violence either in what position of the government or non-government they are.