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Afghan Women's Network

Torment of Farkhunda is the Torment of Women in the History!

S/N: (28)
Kabul, Afghanistan 
As we are witness, it is one year passed from the tragic event of Martyr Farkhunda occurred, an event that brought all the Afghan people and the world shocked and in mourning. The country citizens and even most of the world raise their voice for condemning this horror event, and were waiting for justice from the authorities, especially from the judiciary sector; since this case ensures the protection of women for the future and in another hand, it made the social order.
But with regret that the lack of investigation and prosecution of this case, delaying , legal vacuum in the three courts, negligence, and even the existence of clear violations from law, is the causes, that still justice have not been implemented, and peoples rigid their own trust on the country judicial sectors . It is while the government heads were committed to justice for this case, but the pale in their commitments have been less and more visible.
The primary court’s sentences for this case were publicly verdict, which was causing of the majority dissatisfaction and tried through press conferences deemed it unfair. But there is still time and hops for the implementation of justice from mentioned legal courts. 
The appeal court expressed injustice reiterated once again and forced us to stand up for justice; however number of meetings has been held with the country official and authorities and should continue our advocacy efforts. 
Despite the inclusion of Group of lawyers to defend the case and with support of Martyr Farkhunda’s families, the hope was that, the justice will be implemented, the verdict of the court sentences should acceptable for all, but the supreme court did not do so and did ignore the demands of women and did not sentence the perpetrators as worthy of conviction.
Based on that women are continuing the voice of advocacy for implementation of justice for this case and the below demands are seriously require. 
Recommendation of the Afghan Women’s Network:

  • Serious and legally approach to Farkhunda and many other violence cases.
  • Implementation of justice for Farkhunda and many other Farkhundas.
  • Further access of women to justice from Judicial and legislative organs 
  • Establishing of the observation committee for study and process of violence case under supervisor of the Supreme Court with coordination of Ministry of Justice and Ministry of women Affair.
  • Establishing a special court of violence against women
  • Identifying publication of violence perpetrators either they are in the structure of government or out of that.
  • Arresting and publically prosecuting the perpetrators and supporter of violence either in what position of the government or non-government they are.