Afghan Women's Network

Afghan Women's Network

Press release in relation to the Rukhshana murder

Kabul – Afghanistan

Since its known to the national and international media, a 19 years lady by the name of Rokhshana with a boy named Mohammad Gul have fled and convicted with crime of adultery by the Taliban with crowd of local residents has stoned and tragic death, and the forenamed man is whipped. This event occurred in Chakhcharan of Ghor Province, location name is Ghalmeen, which shows that Afghan woman is again victimizing of Violence emerged from Ignorance and illiteracy. 
Afghan Women's Network has condemned the incident and called it out of religious values and human rights. Although, this is not the first event that women victims of torture from evil people, but we have seen similar events rooted of no access to justice on right way, government weak role on all part of the country , and weak role of law that pave way for holding field courts in the country.

Our recommendations:

  1. We want from relevant authorities to seriously prevent the field courts 
  2. We want from religious scholars to keep in prevails the country formal justice system and prevent from irresponsible decrees which are in out of justice 
  3. We want from all people of Afghanistan to keep the culture of honor for mother and sister and incase of such misconduct actions , do prevent that 
  4. From Independent Human Rights Commission and the relevant institutions are seriously requesting to choose their specific position for removal of the events that women's rights are violated in.
  5. From Justice and discovery organs want to arrest and prosecuted those they are involve in this case , which could be easily identified .